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Leo Dabus

1604.00 (1,535th)
148,646 (382nd)
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Title Δ
How to implement a Mutable Ordered Set generic type formerly known... 0.00
Swift Why isn't my date object that's (Equatable) equal aft... 0.00
How to detect encoding in Data based on a String? 0.00
how can I flip a hex string in iOS swift 0.00
How to make an ellipse/circular UIImage with transparent background? 0.00
Sorting an array with a specific object always on top 0.00
How to change font in the string only for the last two characters 0.00
Sort Array by custom rule 0.00
iphone image captured from camera rotate automatically Swift 0.00
Check if an imageView is empty 0.00
How to enlarge a tiny text image without loosing quality? 0.00
Generic type operands in custom Swift operator 0.00
Swift Date: How to tell if a month can have a leap day? 0.00
How can I change an IBAction to mouseEntered? 0.00
How to detect Caps Lock status on macOS with Swift without a window? 0.00
Swift - Why can't self be used in a closure before all stored p... 0.00
How to append every 10 minutes of the range of two different time? 0.00
Swift: create a range around a given number 0.00
Extension for Array by my Genetic class on Swift 0.00
How do I copy 16 bytes from a Data into a uuid_t? 0.00
UIFIlesharingEnabled exposes my private files 0.00
Swift Map ARRAYS by Date Array 0.00
Getting the Count of each array inside a 2D Array in Swift 0.00
Some files in Documents subfolders cannot be access while device is... 0.00
Conforming NSAttributedString to Codable throws error 0.00
Increment Values in an array (Swift) 0.00
Sorting a list of time string ranges in swift 0.00
Apple way in Swift instead of an override? 0.00
How to get equal size slice of array literately in Swift 0.00
Swift5 Play aac file AvAudioPlayer 0.00
NSKeyedUnarchiver unarchiveObjectWithData:data returns non nil obje... 0.00
Best way to sum two generic values in Swift 0.00
How to get dates for every Friday between two dates? 0.00
Custom Sort Order with Predicates 0.00
How to restrict first letter in text field not space? 0.00
How to remove character from odd index in Swift String -0.53
Capitalize strings at given indexes with Swift -0.27
Is there a way to constrain a generic to be one type or another in... +0.37
how to get all file full paths with swift in a folder -2.12
Convert BLE current time to date 0.00
How to have a date variable update year in counter -0.13
Cannot read property 'keyCode' 'character' Assertio... 0.00
What is the easiest way in Swift to tell if a character in a String... 0.00
Decode data that could change at times 0.00
String extension that adds a method "add" and takes an In... 0.00
Replacing Character at Index in Swift -0.48
Parsing Decimal from JSON presented as string +0.81
How to add values to array from UserDefaults? 0.00
Moving Bottom Element Array to the Top: Index out of Range Error 0.00
How can I create a QuickSort implementation in Swift? +1.49