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Leo Dabus

1641.66 (686th)
148,646 (382nd)
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Title Δ
Stop listening to NSEvent in Swift 0.00
Swift - How to encode a Bool type with NSSecureCoding 0.00
How to perform onDelete with Section item inside ForEach in SwiftUI 0.00
Defining generic concat function -0.56
iOS Swift replace or update specific line in a file using file hand... +0.31
Find minimum first item in the given 2D array in Swift +0.82
How to check if date is at least previous day? -0.61
How to write a function that compares an enum with an enum case in... 0.00
archivedData(withRootObject:)' was deprecated in iOS 12.0 - Swi... 0.00
Cannot convert value of type 'Int' to expected argument typ... 0.00
How do I combine numbers in array in Swift? 0.00
How can we extract the points of lines or degrees of curves of a cu... 0.00
UITableView titleForHeaderInSection is big and a different font 0.00
Swift: dictionary from array of keys and values 0.00
How to write a Swift String Characters.reverse function in 2021 -0.22
Swift generate 15 random digits -0.28
How to convert number to words in swift by using func 0.00
Check if a value is present in enum or not +0.86
How to perform vertical flipping on CGImage? 0.00
Can we download 8gb of file in one go on IOS device 0.00
Loading Codable data from URL 0.00
Search for data in array in swift 0.00
How to return an empty SubSequence in a Collection extension +2.07
Why doesn't the .foregroundColor attribute apply in an NSMutabl... 0.00
How do I know the type of an enum with associated value in a generi... +0.67
How to add two elements repeatably after certain index to an Array -1.12
DateFormatter is returning nil date for a simple date string +0.30
find the largest three Numbers on the array of int swift +1.96
Swift. How to extract the individual sub images from an HEIC image +1.40
Extending a type to have multiple values for the same associatedtype 0.00
String to Array of string 0.00
iOS Swift: Array Grouping of Double variables +1.21
How to remove first word from a sentence in swift -0.84
How Do I Save an Array of Objects to NSUserDefaults? +0.31
How to extract the result of json with Codable +0.31
Swift: loop through a collection of type Any? 0.00
CLGeocoder().geocodeAddressString error codes 0.00
How to get the items of an array based on the indexes stored in ano... 0.00
How to avoid generating the same random String twice in a row in Sw... -1.48
What is the correct method to add additional properties to CLLocati... 0.00
How can I create an app icon folder in the files app and copy items... 0.00
How to get appropriate decimal/double currency value with decimal p... 0.00
How to make it so that user enters currency only with numbers in Sw... +0.30
Why is this Swift Timer not firing? +1.62
Make initializer generic without type in function signature +2.03
How do you find the top 3 maximum values in a Swift dictionary? +0.31
How can you create a generic struct for Numeric numbers that can ca... -0.19
Swift converting Decodable struct to Dictionary +1.45
How choose random element in swift? 0.00
SwiftUI: How can I automatically calculate from metric to imperial? 0.00