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Leo Dabus

1604.97 (1,487th)
148,646 (396th)
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Title Δ
Convert Etc/GMT time into Swift Date() global TIme 0.00
Mapping Integer to String in Swift +1.62
NSCoding decodeObject always nil 0.00
Swift 5 group and split array of objects based on object value +0.42
MInutes and seconds with 2 digits 0.00
DateFormatter from "24:00" string returns Nil 0.00
Swift Struct is Codable but can't encode 0.00
Create TimeZone object from timeZoneOffset string? -1.82
Swift - Save array of [String: Any] to NSUserDefauls +1.27
Find file in iOS Application 0.00
base64encoded string returned from API call is showing nil after Da... +1.39
archive and unarchive data: SWIFT 4 0.00
how can i do For Loop Properly 0.00
How can I count the frequency of a SET of NUMBERS in an array? 0.00
Setting DateComponents array to UserDefaults not working 0.00
Can't form Range with upperBound < lowerBound 0.00
Swift- regex to find replace part of result 0.00
swift remove item from array after `filter` or by finding `firstInd... 0.00
Converting text field data to decimal value and back to string 0.00
How to get the correct error when hitting a do catch block for a fu... 0.00
How to let each array index have a struct instance 0.00
Ambigous reference to initializer 'init(_:)' when trying to... 0.00
Storing an array of an array of a custom class - Swift 0.00
Swift: Create arbitrary base string from byte array -0.89
'characters is unavailable' please use string directly 0.00
Swift Help to extract a month value from a future date 0.00
Swift: Casting int tuples to custom type containing float vectors -0.28
How to display the DEL Character (ASCII 127) in a UITextView? 0.00
Attempting to compare numbers that are strings +0.20
Get array of dates between today and given date in Swift? 0.00
Drag a CGRect using UIPanGestureRecognizer -0.23
Loop through a range of an Array -1.37
How to remove a character from the middle of a string? Swift 4 -1.57
How to convert Dictionary<String, Any>.Values? into String-ar... 0.00
How do I use data from a UITextField as an Array in Swift? +0.36
Middle Character swift +1.61
How to do Inverse Regex match [regex negation] in Swift? -1.54
JSON encode non primitive types in Swift 0.00
How to check if a string contains multiple characters in Swift 5 -0.24
On Converting Time getting a - value ,Is possible to correct the co... -0.25
Encoding Swift string as escaped unicode? 0.00
MacOS Playground: How can change the background color? 0.00
Swift Get URLSessionDataTask start time / current operation time 0.00
Extension to Test if NSString is Numeric in Swift +0.35
Cannot convert value of type 'URL' to expected argument typ... 0.00
Split string into Array of Arrays -1.41
Date Formatter isn't showing correct day of the month when usin... 0.00
Remove string after second "-" -0.13
iOS Swift combine two Strings in alphabetical order to create one l... -2.08
Swift: Decode imprecise decimal correctly 0.00