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Leo Dabus

1620.98 (1,060th)
148,646 (382nd)
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Title Δ
Is there a better way to format Date with DateFormatter according t... 0.00
convert hex string to Data on swift 0.00
Removing array object according to its property in Swift 0.00
Swift 4: Type of expression is ambiguous without more context insid... 0.00
How can we get all the days in selected month 0.00
Encountered an error in "Generic Where Clauses", still no... 0.00
"Initializer for conditional binding...." after I fix, I... 0.00
How do I create a global date that can be accessed and changed by a... 0.00
Swift: first day of the week in app doesn't change after I chan... 0.00
Convert string into currency number format, with, without or with 0... 0.00
Swift - check if attributed text is empty 0.00
create a function that finds the closest object base on Lat long in... 0.00
Deleting row by swipe not working propery in tableview 0.00
Remove surrounding quotes from a Swift String while keeping Inner Q... 0.00
Swift: initializer 'init(_:)' requires that 'Decimal... 0.00
I need to compare 3 elements in a row in an array, but i get index... 0.00
Swift problem when adding annotations with regex to pdf page 0.00
How to compare each element of array to other elements? 0.00
Decode URLs with special characters in Swift 0.00
How can I extract a percentage number without the "%" sym... 0.00
how to use DateComponentsFormatter for showing date as "Today&... 0.00
pass text from selected tableView cell.row to fill textbox xcode 0.00
Format Double up to Max Non-Zero Significant Digits 0.00
Swift - Create consecutive date arrays from array of dates 0.00
How can I encode an array of simd_float4x4 elements in Swift (conve... 0.00
How to compare two string values within a threshold value in swift? 0.00
Decode data of Object type and generic type for base JSON response... 0.00
justifying contents of UIView on a character (swift) 0.00
A function to print the three highest numbers in an Int Array Swift 0.00
Left side of mutating operator isn't mutable: 'visiter'... 0.00
@FetchRequest + case-insensitive sorting - SwiftUI & CoreData 0.00
Swift: Extract a Substring from a String 0.00
Error at generic helper function for reading JSON from an URL 0.00
Detect paste event in UITextField? 0.00
Limiting textField length depending on what characters are entered... 0.00
Swift variables: best way to handle this string declaration? 0.00
Is there some short cut form of writing: .map { $0 } 0.00
Swift JSONDecoder error - Expected to decode Dictionary<String,... 0.00
Guard Let statement not triggering even when values are nil 0.00
Swift: How to search for keywords in a sentence 0.00
Any easier to read run-length Encoding in Swift? 0.00
Is there a preferred technique to prohibit pasting into a UITextFie... 0.00
Check if a UITextField is characters/numbers only 0.00
Swift enum protocol conformance 0.00
Converting nested codable objects to dictionaries swift 0.00
Storing array of custom objects in UserDefaults 0.00
Data.subdata(in:) results in EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION 0.00
swift - Find duplicate dictionaries in an array 0.00
Converting from UIExtendedSRGBColorSpace to Hex 0.00
How to remove a specific tuple from a array of tuples in swift 0.00