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Leo Dabus

1607.33 (1,360th)
142,901 (407th)
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Title Δ
How to convert Dictionary<String, Any>.Values? into String-ar... 0.00
How do I use data from a UITextField as an Array in Swift? 0.00
Middle Character swift 0.00
How to do Inverse Regex match [regex negation] in Swift? 0.00
JSON encode non primitive types in Swift 0.00
How to check if a string contains multiple characters in Swift 5 0.00
On Converting Time getting a - value ,Is possible to correct the co... 0.00
Encoding Swift string as escaped unicode? 0.00
MacOS Playground: How can change the background color? 0.00
Swift Get URLSessionDataTask start time / current operation time 0.00
Extension to Test if NSString is Numeric in Swift 0.00
Cannot convert value of type 'URL' to expected argument typ... 0.00
Split string into Array of Arrays 0.00
Date Formatter isn't showing correct day of the month when usin... 0.00
Remove string after second "-" -0.14
iOS Swift combine two Strings in alphabetical order to create one l... -2.07
Swift: Decode imprecise decimal correctly 0.00
How to convert Cookie String to JSON using Swift 0.00
Getting Error with NSStringEnumerationOptions.ByWords - Swift 4.2 0.00
Firestore get array data at index 0 +0.36
Convert Rich Text to Plain Text programmatically in Swift 0.00
How to remove invisble character from string in Swift? 0.00
Using Swift decodable on nested arrays of strings +0.34
How do you make text appear when mouse is hovering? 0.00
iOS -Textfield's shouldChangeCharactersIn range is disabling .e... -0.19
How to get timezone offset between UTC and iPhone - Swift 4.2? +0.33
Performance of moving zeros to the end of an array programming exer... -0.27
Converting a function to deal with Double and Float... using Floati... -1.84
How to make Date value permanent? 0.00
Swift trailing closure can't compile 0.00
How can I print anything in my JSON file? -2.46
How do I search an array of strings and return a specific value in... -0.67
Not sure where in code to place storageRef.downloadURL 0.00
Saving/writing swift structs as a file or binary format +1.32
Using closures as parameters without trailing closures Swift -0.15
How to find a random combination from given numbers that add up to... 0.00
Swift - Leave last X number items in array -0.72
How to get the day based on a time field (seconds since midnight 19... +0.36
Sum of Array containing custom class (Swift) -0.15
How do I get the latitude and longitude out of my array structure a... +0.38
(Swift 4.x+) What are the rules for naming parameters in structs’ i... 0.00
how to filter and display the table view and collection view values... -0.26
Order array of string date ("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSSSSS")... 0.00
Converting CMTime To String is wrong value return 0.00
Trouble accessing items in an array of arrays in Swift -0.17
Swift DateComponentsFormatter drop leading zeroes but keep at least... +0.34
Can we create an object of class confirms Codable using init -0.40
Google Maps - reverseGeocodeCoordinate won't print address in S... 0.00
How to get array in ascending order based on key value in Swift3 iOS 0.00
How to persist email and password textfield info using UserDefaults... 0.00