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Chris Haas

1561.70 (5,296th)
40,305 (2,763rd)
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Title Δ
How to echo author with hyperlink? (in Wordpress) 0.00
Parse multiple headers with same name 0.00
How would I be able to populate all empty href attributes using php... 0.00
How can I share a non-primary menu of a Multisite's main domain... +0.40
Code that throw Deprecated warnings works correctly, but updated co... 0.00
Content after less than symbol (<) is getting removed inside scr... 0.00
PHP array with foreach +1.06
Loop trough and modify JSON response -0.57
How to sort a 2-D array by the values of any specific key in PHP al... 0.00
PHP Unicode to character conversion +1.85
Editing this Snippet to Run One Time Only 0.00
I want to send the filtered data to my mail from the Database +1.10
Find users without active product 0.00
search data location wise in PHP SQL 0.00
Gettext doesnt work what I'm doing wrong? 0.00
How to insert a PHP string into a mysql table? 0.00
WordPress Plugin: Hook to post_row_actions function the content of... 0.00
Unable to install the JSON extension in PHP's docker image 0.00
link a value from an array to another in PHP -0.33
How to Loads environment variables from .env to getenv() PHP MVC 0.00
Need a function for wp all export to unserialize data of a specific... 0.00
Trying to connect SSL server using fsockopen() -0.03
How to run bin/console messenger:consume command out of Symfony pro... 0.00
Does WordPress trigger index.php when the page is cached? 0.00
how to add if function in declare array php +0.42
Call to a member function on null in Symfony 0.00
.htaccess rewrite rules for multiple cases 0.00
Spreading array values 0.00
Matching partial assoc array in bigger assoc array 0.00
Add new XML element through PHP DOM Manipulation 0.00
PHP mysqli and SSL 0.00
Sorting an array of strings by arbitrary numbers of substrings -1.30
Need to fetch all users that logged in user is following as an obje... 0.00
PHP 7.2: How to create password protected zip using PHP 7.2 0.00
Adding Content to Pre-Existing Web Page 0.00
How can I have the user click two Terms and Conditions before allow... -0.09
Why is a PSR-7 Response’s Body mutable? 0.00
Search for multiple sequences within an array 0.00
Is it possible to enable HTTP range request support in the PHP'... -0.74
echo char(128) and above from php does not work 0.00
username_exists function in wordpress throwing 500 error (function... 0.00
Can not authenticate user with Twitter V1.1 API 0.00
What is the difference between PHP FPM and PHP FPM Public? 0.00
Add or remove PHP string depending on value 0.00
PHP mention system with usernames with space +0.44
Custom breadcrumbs with list of children (categories or pages) -0.61
MySQL find Array Values in DB Array field 0.00
Image display in the Browser issue using php 0.00
Array sort and push the value into same key -0.59
SQLite, SQLCipher, PHP and PowerShell considerations 0.00