An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Félix Saparelli

1527.57 (20,941st)
5,763 (28,427th)
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Title Δ
Word Cloud for Other Languages 0.00
Gulp js error notification not showing source of error 0.00
Avoid slowness in select with 10000+ options. (Using Select2) 0.00
How can I make my navbar stick to the bottom of an element upon rea... -0.29
Why am i getting output as [object Object] instead of [Id: id_value... -0.53
How to decide which promise does a then/catch according to -0.78
Selecting a Returned variable from another function -0.05
How to filter array of file paths using array of file names +0.44
Parse content from <title> tag with JavaScript +0.84
A button that changes the color of an object 3 times +0.96
output lines to separate line in ruby +0.46
Differentiating between JSON elements of same name +1.10
Dynamically generating grunt targets 0.00
How can I access Google search results programmatically 0.00
Looping a check user input for matching string? 0.00
Using .apply or .call on setTimeout - how to get this context in cr... 0.00
How to Check to See if User Inputted a Non-Number -0.33
JSX can't parse partial HTML tag 0.00
Creating and deleting divs using javascript -4.15
Define Promise As ES6 Class Method 0.00
How to execute a function only after a request.execute to gapi.clie... 0.00
$(this).parent().attr('id') gets '[object window]'... +3.65
HMAC, RS and Base64 in Rust 0.00
jquery dirty record, would like the jquery ui modal -2.13
Rust Web Frameworks 0.00
How to make arbor.js work on Internet Explorer? 0.00
How to disable ACE Editor's Find Dialog 0.00
Sinatra app bombards server with requests -0.25
Difference between Jquery functions -1.96
Jquery Raty star-rating on Rails form 0.00
Hacking Some js +3.70
Run pageMod in background thread in firefox addon sdk? +0.21
jQuery - callback for toggle (show/hide) within event handler -0.31
What's wrong with this jQuery $.getJSON YQL request? +0.05
Odd jQuery AJAX behaviour: XML comes back as #document and not object +3.98
Three.js as background of website possible? -4.41
Displaying default image +3.06
Pack and unpack complex object architecture with JSON -3.70
Using database_cleaner, mongoid and active_admin causes specs to fa... 0.00
JQuery: what's the simplest way to inject html via ajax into the DOM? -0.38
How do I specify the version of Thin web server I want to use for m... -3.22
Use crontab in Ubuntu with LAMPP -4.41
Add a link to a label/hint in formtastic with haml 0.00
How can I preload a page using HTML5? +3.33
Return all localStorage in 1 Object? -4.41
How can I detect window size with jQuery? +3.49
The simplest way to create a set of jquery object s -2.57
Dont hide if it hasClass in jQuery -4.46
How i can use the SQLDATE in codeigniter php? +3.39
How to detect if Media Queries are present using Modernizr +3.82