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Rating Stats for

Dmitry Bychenko

1657.43 (448th)
121,766 (531st)
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Title Δ
C# Filter a word with an undefined number of spaces between charach... 0.00
Sorting LINQ 'GroupBy' operator keys into a custom order 0.00
getting a performance hit for nested for loop in C# 0.00
Read Word in C# 0.00
How to make an integer get its value from a label? 0.00
Nested List how to extract object using linq 0.00
How I can catch an exception in c#? 0.00
Checkbox Checked status change depends on five other checkboxs 0.00
C# how to create object in 1st Form from 2nd Form 0.00
Getting Label's Text From Static Method ( SOLVED ) +0.31
Prime numbers from listbox to a textbox +0.04
Not all code paths return a value when comparing 2 dates? -1.47
split a comma-separated string and add Quotes in C# - elegant solut... +0.38
Finding all matches in a string +1.21
Parse string to get a portion of the string -0.99
Order result using LINQ and cast type 0.00
C# how to keep searching for the items in my list instead of app ju... +0.29
Please help me, I dont know where is a problem -0.71
Dynamicly created panels location distance 0.00
Multiply table using while loop C# +0.29
C#--Why do I have to hit enter twice to commit Console.Readline -0.22
Error handling: try-catch or returning an error code? -0.00
How to keep a while loop going? +0.25
Cannot convert from '...Generic.List<Game02.Human>' t... +0.27
How to Implement a method that finds the largest value, given two a... +0.66
Removing the first one (whenever it stays) negative number from arr... +0.29
Reversing a string hash function +0.31
How to fix my LINQ to properly find strings from the list in string? 0.00
How to return enums to list view from datatable? -1.06
Delete elements from 2d array c# +1.10
C# How to replace the variables inside strings +0.28
How to make a list property writable in object initializer but read... +1.04
How to find runtime of following algorithm? 0.00
Why is this c# Palindrome Program not working? +0.06
How do I take each element off of a list and push it onto a stack? +0.54
how to protect static int in C# +0.70
How create multidimensional array in c# +1.47
How to remove duplicate line results from textbox -1.59
Need to add second line value to the first if second line Cost = 0 -1.18
Can i create a method for exception occurrences? +0.29
Remove duplicate records on textfile -0.39
All paths don't return a value +1.07
Read text file, split it, then show it in listBox 0.00
List to IReadOnlyList<(decimal, decimal, decimal)> -2.70
Read ini sections with no values and append it to a dictionary 0.00
How to read 3 lines of a text file c# +0.70
Creating a dictionary with keys representing elements from a list +0.92
Looking to randomize different possible outputs -0.66
How do I implement a step counter into a bubble sort? +0.28
How to iterate only distinct string values by custom substring equa... +1.81