An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1452.57 (4,531,894th)
1,563 (105,124th)
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Title Δ
Overriding a DataModel inside a DLL +0.57
Determine if values are different -0.17
How to correctly parse received serial data into lines? -0.40
Remove duplicate by matching string part of text -1.08
How can I get the minimum values ‚Äčand date of each group? -0.81
Converting Boolean array into counter -0.54
Select for JSON return array of string arrays (not array of objects) +2.35
Unable to get all records displayed in report viewer -0.43
Query needs to be filtered after .ThenInclude using .Where clause -0.12
How to dynamically load and unload (reload) a .dll assembly -0.25
No cookie error in chrome. UnexpectedInResponseToException 0.00
How do I design a class to be extendable in two separate ways? 0.00
How to do OnClick on selected item in "dynamic" ASP.NET D... 0.00
SQL query to group a table into table of tables? -1.05
Use Value of ASP.NET TextBox in SQL SELECT Query -0.44
C# - Converting string into nullable Guid? -0.42
How to convert Collections to Datatable +0.56
Replacement for string.Contains(string, StringComparison) in .Net S... -0.29
How IDM knows google drive file sizes? 0.00
How to fetch the last item in a JSON in C# -0.19
ArgumentNullException when deserializing JSON +0.04
foreach looping variable throws NullReferenceException but Enumerab... +0.05
How to stop execution on code if all options are not selected in fo... +0.56
Stored procedure to check if user exists in database 0.00
Reuse a function on a specific property in any LINQ to SQL expression 0.00
Is there any way in which I can clean up my code by assigning a lin... -0.15
Generating Username Token For Soap Request 0.00
SOAPAction over HTTP in .NET Core vs .NET Framework 0.00
Determine duplicates based off minimum N characters from smaller co... -0.66
How do I convert enum to int in Dictionary key in .NET Core Web API 0.00
Changing property value without breaking immutability -0.44
C# Put 0 into the position of an array +0.60
C#: How to split Arabic text and keep the # sign in its original po... 0.00
Multi lingual site for one country 0.00
Map JSON column from MySql Database to C# Class from Web Api -0.79
Abstract classes and Polymorphism - how are additional methods and... -0.44
Use "arp -a" to retreive MAC address of corresponding IP... +0.01
LINQ how to return last date and difference between first and last... -1.97
Using signature_pad with bootstrap modal and ajax saving -0.46
How to retrieve the Value of KeyValuePair from database in C#? +1.37
Convert List of Enums to a SelectList and maintain display? +0.57
.NET and SOAP tags question (serialization of object into XML) 0.00
Should i use 23:59:59 or 00:00:00 for 12 AM in 24 hours time format? -0.89
Convert List<objects> to a Dict <String, String> in C# -1.51
I can't figure out why my program is asking for multiple inputs +1.76
How to cache an object with multiple keys in C# +0.29
My register function only works sometimes 0.00
Find Substring at Index then retrieve number following -1.59
How can i use a value defined in the main() method in another method -0.88
How can I add spans to characters inside a string that currently do... -1.38