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Michał Marczyk

1642.59 (647th)
76,979 (1,099th)
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Title Δ
why does this Java method leak—and why does inlining it fix the leak? -1.22
What are Clojure Intrinsics 0.00
How to write an Clojure macro to get var's value? -2.45
How to run Clojure in Kotlin? 0.00
Modifying parameters as part of a multimethod +0.92
Clojure add var to namespace -1.22
Clojure.core source: Why ~@ (unquote-splicing operator) with a quot... 0.00
How to implement clojure ISeq inJava? -2.57
into vs. partition +0.05
How to use Datomic partitions? 0.00
Sort primitive array with custom Comparator on Clojure +1.25
clojure - slurping files relative to project 0.00
What does completing function do in Clojure? 0.00
Clojure, unquote slicing outside of syntax quote 0.00
ABA with Clojure Software Transactional Memory -1.17
Recursive map query using specter +0.89
Differences between assoc-in with two elements and update / assoc 0.00
Recursive entity spec +0.11
idiomatic path for leiningen test data 0.00
How to invoke StaticMethodExpr.eval? 0.00
how to spec a lazy-seq generating function? 0.00
How can I trace code execution in Clojure? +1.37
transient data structure creation using `repeat` +0.56
Do transients speed up read operations? -0.20
Clojure keyword example security issue 0.00
Are All Variables in Clojure constant? -3.10
When does Clojure check if recur appears in tail position? +1.39
Putting singles and lists into a list in clojure -3.19
Clojure metadata lost on certain forms 0.00
Why is clojure erroring with java.lang.IllegalAccessError when usin... 0.00
Getting the "unread" part of a string being read with Clo... +0.29
What is the Unified Update Model? 0.00
Implementing JavaScript's left shift operator in Clojure 0.00
What is the difference between commute and alter in Clojure? 0.00
Proper indentation of Clojure's `match` in Emacs 0.00
Clojure Macros: Accumulate value over scope 0.00
with-redefs-fn fails to pick up binding from do-seq? 0.00
Extension of interleave in clojure +1.34
core.logic: how to generate a repeated sequence of number? 0.00
Sequence of all but the last elements of a collection for which a p... -2.46
Macroexpanded form evaluates, but non-expanded form throws exception +1.44
What is the purpose of clojure.core.reducers/reduce? 0.00
Why is cons necessary to prevent infinite recursion 0.00
Clojure core.async put! versus go block 0.00
Clojure : Number of chunks for pmap compared to processor cores -2.56
Clojure: apply a function to leaf nodes of a map 0.00
The Joy of Clojure: "rest vs. next" sample doesn't pr... 0.00
How to create argument resolver in Rook 0.00
Can two symbols be bound to the same var? 0.00
Right-shifting 32-bit ints 0.00