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Rating Stats for

Kornel Kisielewicz

1578.20 (3,172nd)
42,469 (2,555th)
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Title Δ
How to set GPU in visual studio / OpenGL 0.00
How to access base class constructor when using CRTP +1.90
How to find out a texture's format in GLSL 0.00
Changing vertex array object 0.00
Should i learn OpenGL or wait for Vulkan to be released 0.00
Opengl texture with no colour data at texture coordinate 0.00
OPENGL: Square Class Using VBO 0.00
OpenGL/Glut: glutTimerFunc seems not to start 0.00
OpenGL coordinates and scissor coordinates 0.00
Sort a vector in which the n first elements have been already sorted? +0.86
C++ namespace elements +1.15
C++ Template, learning for the first time, what is wrong with this... -0.17
How to best use an abstract base class as an interface without dupl... 0.00
Dynamic memory involving instances in C++ 0.00
Specifying the type of a templated type with a templated type 0.00
Returning Meaningful Errors From C++ Function - Best Practice 0.00
no match for 'operator=' in +0.40
Regarding GPU and drawcalls redirecting -0.11
What is returned by this operator overloading function? +0.97
LuaBind assert( id < local_id_base ) 0.00
C# to C++ Polymorphism -0.59
C++ find size of ofstream -0.93
Ffmpeg headers do not compile in windows +0.39
Error C2228, though left of .x has a class 0.00
C++ Vector2D class operations 0.00
can I dynamically load a lua file within Corona? (e.g. load level23... +0.40
rapidxml unexpected type alloc_func 0.00
Passing array as function parameter in Lua? +0.38
How to enlarge the area of the object in OpenGL 0.00
Binary string to byte[] in C++? +0.34
Ambiguous conversion in dynamic_cast +1.25
Trouble with file input [C++] 0.00
C/C++ code 2nd = sign in operation -0.26
how to simulate keyboard input for a program in C +0.39
Why high-level programing language is not as fast as C? 0.00
How to remove all spaces from a variable which do not appear next t... 0.00
Crash/Segfault in calling virtual member of subclass +0.05
Lua multiple concurrent processes -1.03
Sockets C++ - Nonblocking or Select approach -0.11
Why doesn't unique_ptr::reset have overloads that take a deleter? -1.77
2D array vs. structure (C++) -0.13
Is there a way to get the number of intervals in a boost::icl::inte... 0.00
C Arguments character Array -2.13
Playing video at frame rates that are not multiples of the refresh... -0.04
C++ STL "Association Set/Map" -2.24
Segmentation fault when calling glDrawElementsInstanced 0.00
Multiple polymorphism in C++ +0.16
compilation problems with unordered set +0.90
Bit Aligning for Space and Performance Boosts -0.25
Implementing Sigmoid Curves in C++ 0.00