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Marc Gravell

1717.52 (79th)
789,470 (6th)
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Title Δ
Can't use type as type parameter due to no implicit reference c... 0.00
How to deserialize an array containing a list? 0.00
Is there a way to utilize sessionized storage in .NET core without... +0.21
Private properties - Not really private? -0.10
NULL coalescing Dictonary lookup +1.03
String vs Hash for string type? Hash will have only one key instead... +1.04
C# TCP server receives two messages send by Python client at once 0.00
How to access property value in generic method in C#? +0.80
How to do a query from an object with a list of objects in Dapper C# -0.78
Protobuf-net enum serialization behaviour changed in ver. 2.3.0 0.00
C# classes not printing out 0.00
Is there a reason why a List<Task> does not always run in par... 0.00
Pass "IS NULL" via parameter +0.22
Why can't "this" for value types be boxed? +0.72
Using ProtoBuf-net with gRPC 0.00
I'm wondering why my handler function is running all its functi... +0.73
Usage of C# attribute methods +1.25
What is the commented line Code Size 0 in ILDASM and when it will b... 0.00
C# async Task - Unit testing -1.31
How can I give nested structs access to fields of their parent clas... 0.00
How compiler knows whether the running code is Managed or UnManaged... 0.00
How to deserialize a custom readonly struct requiring ctor invocati... 0.00
Represent decimal first with point, then comma +0.23
Can the C# compiler use duck typing with foreach over a generic type? 0.00
Why are these two anonymous types not the same? 0.00
Redis send a object with the message to use on method calling 0.00
How to handle and perform actions fast on websocket data in c#? 0.00
Protobuf-net object graph reference with surrogate 0.00
How can I distinguish between managed & unmanaged code in C# 0.00
C# Async ApiController route issue resolving Task.WhenAny with a Ta... 0.00
About protobuf repeating varint decoding 0.00
StackExchange Redis AddOrUpdate handling (optimistic concurrency) 0.00
OleDbDataReader reading command.ExecuteReader(); +0.52
Destination array is not long enough 0.00
class's output in C#, how to do +0.23
How to write from multiple threads to a TcpListener? 0.00
C#: volatile reads and writes of HashSet 0.00
How to convert List<long?> to ISet<long> 0.00
Creating a custom method of a System Type 0.00
How can i get @rErr / Output Parameter value in c#? +1.13
Looping through each class property and getting it's value usin... -0.75
How do I know if an async method call changes the caller's cont... +1.64
test a specific string with regex 0.00
c# utf-8 conversion problems with german umlauts 0.00
Does assigning new values to variables originally set from objects... +0.22
How to keep all characters in random? -0.64
define a function to accept a specific list parameter 0.00
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Invalid column name (Error at l... -0.48
Throws exception when using parameterized query in c# 0.00
C# Get Access Properties 0.00