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Marc Gravell

1704.76 (132nd)
997,846 (7th)
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Title Δ
Is it possible to generate C# files using protobuf-net for proto2 f... 0.00 How to use the Any data type? 0.00
In C# how to provide parameters to sql statements using StackExchan... -0.27
Excluding certain ProtoMembers during the Schema generation using p... +0.94
In protobuf can I constrain a map's key to certain values? 0.00
CancellationToken blocks thread execution -2.14
Restrict use of instance variable to single method in C# 0.00
How to get a string from a bytes array? +0.24
How to stop async Task after a certain period of time 0.00
Improving performance converting bytes into UInt32 0.00
c# Save korean string to file, not utf form string 0.00
Use XmlSerialzer to convert object property into attribute value 0.00
How to convert int to byte[] in C# without using System helper func... -0.27
Redis TimeoutException +0.23
Retrieving Required SQL Parameters from a String in C# +0.23
How do i add my customer data into a SQL database? -0.77
.NET The input stream is not a valid binary format tcp 0.00
Marshal Reads a structure from a ushort array C# 0.00
System.InvalidOperationException: 'There is an error in the XML... +1.05
Interface that supports Task or Task <TResult> in one method 0.00
Sql server I Want make Stored Procedure to Take Table Name in Runti... 0.00
How to map to a Dictionary from database using Dapper? 0.00
Storing 2D Array with Protobuf (C#) -0.78
Producer/Consumer with BufferBlock, how to awake periodically, even... 0.00
C#: Why does dynamic help determine type argument for use in generi... 0.00
Protobuf de-serializing exception "A repeated type was not exp... 0.00
i am getting an error - The name 'Vector2' does not exist i... 0.00
Random error Memory stream is not expandable 0.00
Program to find perfect numbers +0.24
How to store data from Task<string> to string? 0.00
Activator.CreateInstance with custom class argument 0.00
How can netcoreapp3.1 be built by .NET 5? +0.86
ShouldSerializeXXX() Dynamic Implementation -0.39
Is ASP.NET Core on .NET Framework still supported by Microsoft? +1.17 De-Serializer waits indefinitely 0.00
How i can send null values in protobuf 3 using java? 0.00
grpc server port sharing 0.00
C# - How can I initilalize List<string[]> in the same line 0.00
DAPPER is Not Working Properly. I am Newbie to this Framework 0.00
Overriding a method with a ref struct param in older C# versions 0.00
Is protobuf only technique getting used in grpc? +1.06
About implement VARIANT in Protobuf-net -0.01
Is possible to get the C# assembly binary file 0.00
Protobuf: can changing the message name lead to backward compatibil... 0.00
something went wrong "error CS1513: } expected" 0.00
Is incrementing an Integer inside IAsyncEnumerable thread-safe in C#? 0.00
Can NET Framework 4.7.2 apps load at runtime NET Core 5.0 library D... 0.00
Tie enum to multiple integers +0.88
How to conditionally return from an async method returning Task? 0.00
I can't initialize the internal structure with local variables C# 0.00