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Marc Gravell

1717.52 (79th)
806,004 (6th)
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Title Δ
why does SqlDataReader populate with last record only 0.00
Difference between Task.Wait or Task.Result and a normal method? 0.00
Difference between Task.Wait or Task.Result and a normal method? 0.00
Converting block body method with out parameter to expression body... 0.00
How to split string number into separate integers 0.00
What is the difference between an operation with foreach loop and L... 0.00
Can I make sure a static constructor has finished before I create a... 0.00
How to convert a MemoryStream with multiple datatypes over a redis... 0.00
Throwing an exception when convert string to base64 0.00
How to apply Array.Sort to Collection<T>? 0.00
Saving xmlns into a variable 0.00
Insufficient parameters supplied for to the command INSERT in SQLite 0.00
How to prevent updating certain rows in SQL Server 2012? 0.00
Sending data to server with NetworkStream 0.00
inexplicable threading bevaviour 0.00
Foreach loop passing the iteration variable to a method with and wi... 0.00
Can I still use parameters for sql command? 0.00
Does Pipelines.Sockets.Unofficial.SocketConnection ever flush witho... 0.00
SqlCommand with parameters accepting different data formats 0.00
Use XmlSerializer.CanDeserialize() when deserializing from string 0.00
Test Oracle SQL query against open source in memory database 0.00
Prevent web socket consumer code from being executed twice 0.00
Read XML from Memory<byte> 0.00
How to implicitly cast custom IEnumerable in foreach? 0.00
Must declare scalar variable when passing bool 0.00
What is the equivalent of this swift Uint8 conversion in c#? 0.00
Can we use StringComparer to sort all kind of strings including spe... 0.00
Method returning a non-null value still assigns null to a variable 0.00
How can i simplfy code in the foreach loop indexOF? 0.00
no default constructor and automatic property, how come it still co... 0.00
Protobuf-net RuntimeTypeModel with inherited private fields fails,... 0.00
Why are my .NET strings so large in memory? 0.00
Protobuf how to change inheritance hierarchy without losing backwar... 0.00
Given a managed reference to a struct, how to obtain a managed refe... 0.00
Which part of the source code should I lock? 0.00
TCP Socket What is the "flow of events" when two nodes talk 0.00
Replace a parameter in an expression with a constant 0.00
Protocol buffers: read only fields? 0.00
Can I define a custom compare function for redis zset? 0.00
C# XML Deserializing No Errors 0.00
What is the private key and what is public? 0.00
How to find how many times each value is repeated in generic class... 0.00
Write() and Read() raw bytes from NetworkStream, data is difference... 0.00
Im trying to output all the data from my database and there is an e... 0.00
How to lower Count without reducing Capacity in C# List 0.00
How to execute SQL string from C#, and store the returned result in... 0.00
ShouldSerialize... mechanism seems to work no more 0.00
What is the difference betwen handling an event and extending a cla... 0.00
Passing by Reference vs Value 0.00
Why some structs inherit interfaces, but do not implement all of th... 0.00