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Marc Gravell

1705.12 (130th)
884,240 (6th)
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Title Δ
Chaining a Task returned by a function in a library 0.00
CancellationTokenSource not working as expected on a TaskCompletion... 0.00
C# List comparison 0.00
how to constraint the Type parameter to a certain interface only 0.00
How should I get the values from the select query of the stored pro... 0.00
Reading cursor in C# from SQL Server's CURSOR parameter of stor... 0.00
Redis C# - Using Incr value in a transaction 0.00
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: "Invalid column name '... 0.00
quotation mark after the character string 0.00
How to move mouse cursor using C# using while infinite loop? 0.00
Dapper Resolve Invalid cast exception 0.00
Why Some records are missing when using parallel.forEach? 0.00
Exception when calling gRPC server from .Net Framework client 0.00
is there python's as keyword in C# 0.00
Add data in C# and SQL Server 0.00
How do I convert from 'Google.Protobuf.WellKnownTypes.Timestamp... 0.00
How to get a pointer to memory of Array instance? 0.00
Find distinct TimeSpan duration from a list of TimeSpans 0.00
Reading a DAT file with BinaryReader in C# 0.00
Read-only struct as return parameter 0.00
Decode Googles Base64 0.00
Pipelines buffer preserving until processing is complete 0.00
C# Asynchronous task with multiple parameters 0.00
Serializing Events into JSON 0.00
How to handle incoming TCP messages with a Kestrel ConnectionHandler? 0.00
Await in Main method - Who gets the control until Task is completed? 0.00
Get list of int values in a number that was multiplied by 2 0.00
Is it necessary to check `ValueTask.IsCompleted` for performance? 0.00
Protobuf for communicating with legacy systems 0.00
When will one prefer array, LinkedList or ArrayList over List<T&... 0.00
c# - fastest method get integer from part of bits 0.00
Calling non-async methods inside async function 0.00
Use types from .NET 5.0 while remaining compatible with earlier .NE... 0.00
How to cast GetEnumerator()? 0.00
Pin data for P/Invoke access 0.00
Protobuf Importing Message from another proto C# projects 0.00
CS8176: Iterators cannot have by-reference locals 0.00
How to ignore Empty Values during XMLSerilization in C#? 0.00
Build of main branch fails 0.00
DeepClone / Serializing a List<item> with protobuf-net V3 0.00
What will be the best practices in my code to prevent sql injection? 0.00
C# object serialization safely and best methods? Anyone can give me... 0.00
Null object in an array or list in protobuf-net v3 0.00
How can I add Interface of dervived types to a dictionary of interf... 0.00
Why can't I cast an item to a generic type — where the generic... 0.00
How to specify the bounds of an array 0.00
Can a Protobuf message begin with a gzip magic number? 0.00
Usage of `static readonly T[] _emptyArray = new T[0]` as a zero val... 0.00
Non-nullable reference types' default values VS non-nullable va... 0.00
.NET Framework Change 0.00