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Marc Gravell

1712.53 (90th)
571,427 (5th)
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Title Δ
OleDbDataReader reading command.ExecuteReader(); +0.52
Destination array is not long enough 0.00
class's output in C#, how to do +0.23
How to write from multiple threads to a TcpListener? 0.00
C#: volatile reads and writes of HashSet 0.00
How to convert List<long?> to ISet<long> 0.00
Creating a custom method of a System Type 0.00
How can i get @rErr / Output Parameter value in c#? +1.12
Looping through each class property and getting it's value usin... -0.75
How do I know if an async method call changes the caller's cont... +1.64
test a specific string with regex 0.00
c# utf-8 conversion problems with german umlauts 0.00
Does assigning new values to variables originally set from objects... +0.22
How to keep all characters in random? -0.63
define a function to accept a specific list parameter 0.00
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Invalid column name (Error at l... +0.52
Throws exception when using parameterized query in c# 0.00
C# Get Access Properties 0.00
Make multiple if statements into short statements +0.21
XmlSerializer errors after updating from .NET 3.5 to .NET 4.6 0.00
Objects exposed on JSON web-api - how to stop the property names ch... 0.00
How do I insert an escape character(e.g. "\t") into a str... -1.67
Binary Formatter Deserialization Exception 0.00
How to do Task.ContinueWith<Task>(...) +1.60
How can I hold a list of string as efficiently (memory) as possible? +1.66
How to retrieve value type values from generic function? 0.00
Default Timeout Period in SQL Server +0.23
for-loop dynamic/recursive? 0.00
Allow Attribute constructor dependent on AttributeUsage 0.00
Serializing ProtoBuf through IHttpHandler yields invalid results -0.77
What is the correct usage of DynamicParameters (Dapper) for a varbi... 0.00
Convert lambda string expression to Func<string, string> erro... 0.00
Protobuf: Understanding the compiled output of proto files +0.98
If a query Return empty Row i need to get its A zero Value,How Can... +0.68
Converting from UTF-8 in C# 0.00
Inheriting from System.ValueType 0.00
How to deserialize ProtoBuf-net in Android 0.00
Predefined type 'System.Collections.Generic.IReadOnlyCollection... 0.00
StreamReader cannot read FileStream of code from referenced assembly 0.00
get output dapper with query executed 0.00
Copy Byte Array into Generic Type without Boxing 0.00
Tuple keeps crashing on sql stored procedure because it has too man... +0.61
c#, Get index of current T in List<T> +0.23
C# xml schema deserialization with html part as string +0.23
How to fix 'error CS0165: Use of unassigned local variable'... 0.00
Can a static class have a property of type of a static class? -1.05
How to replace byte 0.00
Ive been getting an cannot convert from decimal to double error and... 0.00
SequenceEqual in c# console app is not working 0.00
Bit Shifting - Why is this code using 24, 16, and 8 right shift? -2.80