An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1552.57 (7,063rd)
9,389 (16,366th)
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Title Δ
Android Studio - 'tools.jar' seems to be not in Studio clas... 0.00
How to parse non-standard month names with DateTimeFormatter +2.12
Java 8 lambdas grouping reducing and mapping -1.49
Java 8 pass function as parameter 0.00
Use Java stream API to summarize data like SQL GROUP BY -0.57
How to skip even lines of a Stream<String> obtained from the... +0.13
Hashmap with Streams in Java 8 Streams to collect value of Map -0.24
IntelliJ doesn't infer Stream.collect() type result +0.21
Faster method to extract distinct string from an Arraylist -0.52
Get an Element by his attributes -0.34
How to use the ternary operator in Java without an else branch 0.00
Extracting numbers into a string array -0.12
What is HashCodeBuilder and EqualsBuilder which is used in overridi... +0.42
How to sum BigDecimal properties of objects in Java8 lambda express... -1.54
Using Gson For Json Post in Android -0.47
Break array of int to stream -0.90
Use method as event listener instead of class -0.15
How to convert the following Map foreach code to java 1.6 compatibi... +1.68
Java 8 Stream IllegalStateException: Stream has already been operat... -1.25
Java 8, Stream of Integer, Grouping indexes of a stream by the Inte... -0.37
How to create 4 ArrayList Objects from 1 using iterators (for each) +0.43
Expanding varargs into corresponding quantity and type in Java -0.55
Java - How to check the array length via reflection (Field in class) +3.13
Index an array by an array in java +3.31
Get capital characters as string using Java Stream API +1.23
junit test assert, writing test 0.00
Is there a way to *directly* cast a float to an integer in Java -0.04
Declaring multiple strings in other java file -4.52
ParseDate Unparseable 0.00
Java: loop and multiply +3.44
Random.choice Equivalent in Java for an Array -2.61
Index out of bounds exception when using recursion in linkedlists +0.34
How do I distribute an Arraylist to 2 other Arraylists? -0.15
How to merge contents of an array? +3.40
Array of arrays with different data types +3.40
How to save a int with SharedPreferences? -0.47
Getting Guava ArrayListMultimap to work 0.00
Multiple string method chained in single code -3.65
Java - Rotating array +1.44
Splitting a string by value between quotation marks in Java -3.54
Check if String is more then 60% uppercase -1.86
Java adding values to an array to an other class -0.91
Converting String into SQl Date format -0.86
Why the value of a variable is wrongly pressed when a button is pre... -2.05
Get random array for each categories chosen 0.00
List<String> minus List<String> -2.75
How to sort strings contains numbers in java +3.35
Can't understand how recursion works in this example +2.68
Binary Search Tree Search Returns Null 0.00
Run a for loop until the String Condition in JAVA -1.42