An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1424.96 (4,190,791st)
1,318 (120,923rd)
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Title Δ
Loop doesn't work properly +0.28
Scheme Programming define error 0.00
Scheme - adding values to list recursively 0.00
map function for n-ary tree in Scheme -1.51
Scheme - IF w/ several operations for an outcome -0.31
Lisp program (using Scheme 48 1.9 interpreter) to find out the sum... -0.40
DrRacket Scheme Contract Violation 0.00
PHP 5.6 Mcrypt x64 and MIT Scheme not compatible? 0.00
How can I define x as a list of integers to evaluate a polynomial f... +0.58
Building a binary tree from a list (preorder) 0.00
Referencing variables in racket +0.09
Order of evaluation, SICP exercise 0.00
Print adjacent duplicates of a list (scheme) -1.49
number of zeros only in the even lists -2.08
Using append in Scheme -2.80
LISP Recursion On Numbers 0.00
Code of filter that works with constants not symbols +3.59
Manipulating Lists in Mutable Data in Scheme -1.42
Producing a list of lists 0.00
Stepping through foldr +1.78
Intersection-sets using iterator in Scheme 0.00
Removing the minimum elements of a list in Scheme -1.44
Writing a 2 player rock-paper-scissors game -1.61
Writing a 2 player rock-paper-scissors game -1.61
all values less than x in bst (scheme) -0.17
Finding the max value in a heap (Scheme) 0.00
scheme listing sucessive averages in reverse -2.73
Functional program - write a function to rearrange an array from th... +2.80
Is the "define" primitive of Scheme an imperative languag... +0.69
First n elements of a list (Tail-Recursive) +4.82
Recursive sublist? function -2.23
How to make this function elegant -0.26
Scheme - Syntax of optional arguments in a method call -2.25
What is meta-lingustic abstraction? 0.00
Scheme if statements -1.56
Write scheme list to default path on machine -3.85
Making a new list with recursion from scheme 0.00
Dynamically fill a list with key value pairs -0.14
How to do square in RACKET -1.51
Is this tail recursive? -2.87
how to write scheme function that takes two lists and return one li... +0.68
I'm new to scheme and I don't know what's wrong +4.66
Scheme function to reverse a list -1.46
Design pattern for consuming two lists in parallel, and returning t... -3.11
defining map in terms of reduce -3.43
Constructing lists in scheme -1.26
NZEC on INVCNT with Guile on Spoj 0.00
Unable to evaluate a lambda expression as argument in SICP ex-1.37 -3.48
how can i call a function that takes an argument in racket? -0.70
Scheme void error? -3.22