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1495.36 (4,028,614th)
1,975 (84,279th)
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Title Δ
Why downcast array item in Swift? 0.00
How can I check the iOS version in compilation time? 0.00
What's the difference between using a generic where condition a... -2.00
unicode string modification failing +0.53
UI Testing with respect to a attribute value iOS/Swift 0.00
Converting String to Double in Swift adding extra digits after deci... +0.61
Swift saving multiple images to the filesystem at once, High CPU 0.00
how can you append a number to a double in swift +3.83
Dispatch Queues - Nesting, Optimisation & Control -0.89
NSTimer runs slowly when another app is fullscreen 0.00
compare two properties of type Any -3.87
Saving objects to UserDefaults that confirm to a protocol(using pro... 0.00
Swift UITableView Every Nth Cell Different -4.16
Understanding breakpoints and threads in swift 0.00
Adding item to specific tableview section in a 'Routine' ta... 0.00
Prevent UIViews from overlapping 0.00
UITextView does not start at top 0.00
nw_host_stats_add_src recv too small, received 24, expected 28 -4.11
Swift 3 Decimal, NSDecimal and NSDecimalNumber +3.87
In Swift can you constrain a generic to two types? String and Int +0.78
Why Swift closure not capture self? -2.98
Objective-C - Get simple HTML source in UITextView - without CSS st... 0.00
How do I create an NSPredicate for a subquery given an existing NSP... +4.17
Populating UITextView as it scrolls 0.00
Mixing Swift and Objective C: using Swift types in Objective C 0.00
Dealloc on UIViewController 0.00
Cannot load image from nib on iPad 0.00
Xcode Swift UI Test - Simulator hardware keyboard 0.00
How to create Model Classes(NSObject) automatically from json dicti... -2.19
Dismiss 2 UIViewController that was loaded via a presentViewControl... 0.00
UISearchBar cancel 0.00
Is there any way to get the width of the segments in a UISegmentedC... 0.00
How to get notified if the view hierarchy changed in an iOS App 0.00
How to test UITextField in Xcode UI Testing when the text field is... 0.00
Add semi-transparant background viewcontroller with search bar thro... -0.02
Cannot tap UIBarButtonItem in Xcode UI Test +3.94
UILongPressGestureRecognizer on collection view breaks cell highlig... 0.00
Objective-C Translation to Swift: Bound Macros? 0.00
Must you override init when you create a new designated initializer? 0.00
floating button which can be dragged to anywhere in the view contro... +0.09
When in the view's flow are the run time attributes actually set? 0.00
NSTimer is sometimes getting fired before time 0.00
Swift UI Test Static Text Value 0.00
How to get index of XCUIElement in XCUIElementQuery? -3.42
UITableView and UIView gesture conflict -1.47
Regular expression in html to extract specific href -0.03
Change NSString value for ever : NSUserDefaults? +0.28
How to Put a Value From a CHCSV Parser Array Into a Realm Object Pr... 0.00
iOS: How to Detect subview position around view +4.02
Gesture pattern recognizer in IOS.? +0.02