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1424.29 (4,190,821st)
2,679 (62,723rd)
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Title Δ
How to avoid copy_from_user and copy_to_user in linux device driver -1.66
output is not as desired -0.98
what is the difference this two type of function declaration? -0.14
C , Error: Expression must be a modifiable lvalue +0.19
Explain the output of the following snippet? -1.06
Swapping two numbers - Processor behavior -0.08
Allocating memory for one dimensional array in C -0.09
using constant in a while loop (c) +0.42
How to pass multiple strings into function to process +0.14
Nothing working when trying to run C programs? +0.12
Compile error with OpenSSL -1.48
What does casting char* do to a reference of an int? (Using C) +0.40
Is better a switch or a const table? (embedded SW) -0.84
C++: Deleting the the fields of a struct that was declared on the s... -0.06
c code for receiving 8 bit data from hyperterminal to 89c51 0.00
STM32 C : atoi converts part of string which is not an argument -1.10
Indexing 2-Dimentional Matrix (pointer style) - error: cant index 0.00
What is event generation in linux and how are they generated to a p... 0.00
Data type promotion or demotion in C -3.46
Simple program in C for appending a string to all files in a direct... -2.95
segmentation fault linked list -1.47
Why does the struct in this union appear to order itself backwards 0.00
negation of a number -0.61
C - Library to deal with HTTPrequests +0.56
Potential memory leak? +3.36
How to seed srand() to avoid collision on a large number of machines? +1.03
Find max and min in array +3.31
C / C++ - signed char comparing +5.23
what does "static int function(...) __acquires(..) __releases(... -1.65
C / Cython: Initial content of an malloc memory allocation -3.23
Accessing excel sheet through C in linux 0.00
Using C or C++ to copy a non-text file? -1.21
Error using typedef and structures +2.94
C - AVR - Simple PORTB, DDRB, PINB explanation +2.50
In C how to loop for each enumerated literal where the literals do'... -2.76
How to understand the macro of "__xg"? 0.00
warning: pointer/integer type mismatch in conditional expression -2.22
why clear interrput flag cause segmentation fault in C? 0.00
What does &= mean? +1.83
What does return 0 mean when i write socket? -3.32
Hardware write and read function for linux -3.37
C Programming Basics -3.81
I need to read a file until "over" is encountered -1.14
Different gdb registers names 0.00
How to find the PID of a C code during compilation time? +2.99
Custom Function with array input: Error:|Cannot cast float to float... +0.57
What's the advantage of two-level pointer used in double linked lis... 0.00
What is 0[p] doing? +2.95
Where macros variable created? and size of the variable? -2.59
Return array from function -conflicting types for +0.60