An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1609.72 (1,390th)
41,412 (2,658th)
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Title Δ
Vorto Dashboard not displaying the device model 0.00
How to match a regex with words followed by date? -0.65
Does Java's ActiveProcessorCount limit the number of CPUs the J... +0.32
Java String pattern with words and numbers +0.34
How to capture all instances with regex from a string with 0.00
How to list files in directory in a non-blocking manner in Java? -1.98
Are unnecessary semicolons syntax errors? -0.84
Is it possible to iterate through a array in lambda expressions? (j... 0.00
length of Array of Objects in Java 0.00
Error running Vorto Dashboard for Bosch iot suite 0.00
How to initialise enumerator array using ints instead of Enumerator... 0.00
System.getProperty("java.version") Returns Null -0.22
Local variable initialization -1.37
How is calling a method from a class directly different from creati... 0.00
How to reject String "0" zero in Java with regex +2.28
Regex to extract value from a predefined String formats -1.90
Is this a safe way to synchronize a block of code? +0.11
String parsing with space -0.34
Object Mapper deserializing map array -0.14
Result of function that includes pre- and post-increment differs +0.30
How to clear the contents of a list which is inside a HashMap value... -0.10
How to use the getter of an enum? -0.12
How i can divide the string with IP and ports? +0.32
Polymorphism in Java with Services +0.75
Instantiating objects whose subclass will depend on user input 0.00
LocalDateTime to specific timezone +1.00
Create one object instance per class in hierarchy -0.07
How to find number of consecutive double letters(capital letters) i... -0.33
Why do I need to create an object for EditText.getText()? +0.34
Implementing subtypes for interface methods Java -1.46
String to Date with month in Swedish 0.00
How can I interpret the sorting in this java code? +1.11
Java time: local date time without zone +1.38
Java Regex String pattern matching -0.58
How to invoke the Get() method of optional objects -0.20
My eclipse keep saying "The value of the field is not used" +0.34
JSON deserialiser to set custom properties in POJO 0.00
Match until full stop +1.49
java rowfilter regex Locale 0.00
Regex to detect if character is repeated more than three times 0.00
Why does Java not optimize |= assignments? -1.80
No suitable driver found for jdbc.mysql +0.34
How to write code that returns a boolean value upon completing JSON... -0.13
Overloading constructor: both methods have same erasure -0.65
How to write Lambda with generic typed parameter without raw types -0.13
Java method can implement interface with method having same paramet... 0.00
How to replace two characters in a String with replace/regex? -1.69
Using Regex to extract substring Java/Android +0.34
Implementing vector multiplication in java +0.38
Sort objects by their string field including language specific char... +1.92