An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1469.34 (4,393,784th)
4,633 (35,802nd)
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Title Δ
How to create a selector using id and suffix? 0.00
How to Get Total Page Count From Tiff -0.46
Java File System Int or Double +0.54
Limit class property size +2.01
Lombok, Spring mongodb and jackson Constructor problem -0.45
Tomcat memory leak warning on HttpURLConnection -1.58
why I get this error in java? +2.79
Problems with JList in a Swing Program 0.00
Issue with converting String to Date +0.52
How to choose an item in form:select component? 0.00
insert string array into JLabel array -1.09
Content not displaying in JFrame +0.42
How to get cross platform absolute relative file path? 0.00
How to test REST API with MultiPart parameter using junit? +0.55
Java array of objects can't use get and set functions +0.99
How to code a checkStyle method in Java? 0.00
How to mock AWS S3.getobject() using mocha? +0.55
lowest number in an array associated with a string array +0.63
Regex - Does not starts with but contains +2.60
How to read XML file in Java without tagName 0.00
Getting incompitable type error though I had used Interger.parseInt +1.97
How to add a sum of a column and all other rows of a table +0.29
Java, compiling error? 0.00
Cant call a method in same java class -0.81
How do I make a list of new elements? -0.45
Java Combo Box inside a Table Over writes data 0.00
How to create a Regex to find exact String length? -0.71
Pattern matching in Java for alphabets and numbers +0.66
Execute command with prompt YES input -0.44
Constructor call must be the first statement in a constructor in su... -0.18
Connecting Titan db through Java - throws an exception +0.57
Declare size of an array at Runtime +0.53
List variables in Java +0.05
Semicolon is missing while inserting SQL query +1.38
SQL Exception: the index is out of range +1.39
How to count running threads from my thread-class in Java? 0.00
How to split a string within an iteration in Java +0.53
Display only the date in java using a toString method +2.22
Clear a JPanel from a JFrame +0.75
checking if an object is in a list before adding java +0.57
Can a static final field be initialized in subclasses? If so, how? -0.43
Better to Use Text File or Program for Dates +0.07
Which a design pattern i should use for set athletic places in comp... +0.91
Java - find matching string from .text file +0.54
How to start something on a new line in Java SWING? -0.80
Java - change label and get error +0.06
Sum, Average, Lowest and Highest scores of user input (Conditional... +0.08
stop System.out from putting big and small numbers into standard form 0.00
Why is this program creating more threads than possible? +1.46
Trying to use lambda for the first time and the code doesn't co... 0.00