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1712.83 (91st)
156,386 (319th)
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Title Δ
cython class containing c strings; buffer overrun? 0.00
__get__ of descriptor __class__ of object class doesn't return... 0.00
Python Multiple Function Composition +0.23
How does the python del function work without calling __getitem__ +1.41
Assignment to a function return value in python 0.00
Subtracting minimum of row from the row -0.29
Django misunderstands NamedTuple 0.00
Compiling Python Class Objects into a List +0.22
Does any object tracked in Python GC have no referrer? 0.00
Float is more precise than double? +1.02
Unintentionally overwriting Python 2.7 standard module - how to pre... 0.00
Subtracting Datetime Objects in Python +0.85
Using with arguments containing quotes -1.42
monkey patching for duck typing +0.22
Bind method to self +0.22
weakly-referenced object no longer exists while CPU is over utilized 0.00
Using an object's id() as a hash value -0.67
Does the @staticmethod decorator do anything? +0.23
daemon behaviour multiprocessing multithreading 0.00
Is it safe to assume that atan2(0,0) returns 0? +0.84
Simulate 2 people tossing coin until get first head Python -0.78
Slowness of numpy.ceil and numpy.clip in ReLU thresholding: where i... 0.00
Hiding environment from closure 0.00
How to use numpy roots for trig function 0.00
How can i remove an object in python? 0.00
How to remove Set, which is used as value, from ConcurrentHashMap&l... 0.00
numpy fill matrix diagonal value with another matrix -0.90
How to check if two lists are equal with duplicates? -2.96
When the slice do shallow copy and when it do deep copy in Python 3 +1.46
Python3 json lib loads json lost data 0.00
Send `exec()` output to another stream without redirecting stdout 0.00
Trying to use **kwargs to define attributes in a class -0.14
Misbehaving of C code inside Python3 extension on macOS 0.00
Why is Glob module searching immediate subdirectories when recursiv... -0.27
Why doesn't the python Queue class have a __repr__ or __str__ d... 0.00
Is there a function that can apply NumPy's broadcasting rules t... -0.41
Concatenation with 'in' keyword gives false results -2.68
Python ImportError: cannot import name 0.00
Optimize linear equations for maximum minimum value 0.00
Python pytest does not show assertion differences 0.00
Scikit-learn confusion matrix performing differently based on strings 0.00
Why does calling Python's 'magic method' not do type co... +2.52
How to convert byte string to character with correct escaping? +0.23
Why does Python copy NumPy arrays where the length of the dimension... -0.56
why is more than one worker used in `multiprocessing.Pool().apply_a... -1.15
python: what stops garbage collection 0.00
What happens to resources held by abandoned generators? +1.47
Why don't we need to define global variables before they are ac... -0.23
Modulo 10 for large Numbers | Checking if a number is in powers of 10 0.00
python3 -m venv: how to specify Python point release/version? 0.00