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1474.97 (4,384,818th)
10,197 (14,889th)
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Title Δ
Can kafka partitions be spread across multiple kafka cluster nodes? +0.54
HMAC SHA-256 is incorrect when newlines are present in message -1.99
Kafka commands for API to produce message, create consumer group, s... 0.00
Consume data from Kafka 0.00
Kafka very high latency C# 0.00
Kafka with Domain Events 0.00
Oozie property file value not reading from spark -0.51
Regex single character user name validation +1.00
Java SortMap Comparator to have digit keys ordered after letter keys +0.52
Zookeeper resiliency +0.54
h2 database java heap issue 0.00
Replace possible phrases with word in sed? -0.38
Processing a maximum number of tasks per consumer in a topic, for a... 0.00
kafka MirrorMaker 2.0 does not replicate data +0.04
Which of these two options is more load time efficient for MySQL ta... 0.00
Can Kafka consumers consume from all partitions +0.54
Scaling pattern matched Kafka consumers 0.00
Eliminating Passwords from the JVM Heap 0.00
kafka-console-producer : command not found -1.63
Using Graphics In Multiple Threads 0.00
Kafka won't start if a Zookeeper node is down 0.00
how Compaction works in Apache Kafka 0.00
Kafka Should Number of Consumer Threads equal number of Topic Parti... 0.00
How to make a consumer leave and enter a consumer group in kafka 0.00
how to share avro schema definitions across teams 0.00
What is the extra random port in kafka and how to set it to bind to... 0.00
Consumer with multiple partitions are not interleaved +2.08
Dividing numbers returns infinity 0.00
Kafka 2.3.0 producer and consumer -1.69
Create Kafka cluster for testing Java-based Kafka clients +0.53
Java FileInputStream Issues(Extra Whitespace) -0.06
Does Java KafkaProducer open any sockets and pipes even when the Ka... 0.00
How to hide the password in the command "java -Djasypt.encrypt... +0.07
Is AdminClient in package kafka-clients thread safe? 0.00
Calling methods without reference variable +0.04
Issue Running Kafka 2.11-2.3.0 -0.47
Java: Wait in a loop until tasks of ThreadPoolExecutor are done bef... +2.31
Cannot stop Zookeeper nodes from the ensemble formed in same machine 0.00
How to run hundreds of Kafka consumers on the same machine? 0.00
How can we resolve JAVA command line error (FatalError: Program Sta... 0.00
I am trying to print the StringBuffer.toString() but its not working 0.00
Keeping all instance of in memory graph db in sync 0.00
The messages are not getting deleted from the file system when dele... 0.00
What are kafka internal topics used +0.55
Max size production kafka cluster deployment for now -0.01
Stopping a running application on Mac OS through Java 0.00
Getting Heap Space Issue while deserializing Avro packet in Kafka C... 0.00
Kafka Consumer keeps getting data that was produced and consumed 2... +0.04
What happens with Corretto now that OpenJDK 8 and 11 are no longer... 0.00
How to implement a Kafka consumer to process events on demand using... -0.46