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Rating Stats for

Brett Cannon

1499.62 (3,640,219th)
1,884 (88,013th)
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Title Δ
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'Turtle' 0.00
Settings Proxy Certificate environment variable 0.00
invalid syntax when Passing "args": "..." in VS... 0.00
Visual Studio Code vs Sublime Text script execution and re-executio... 0.00
How to use \r escape sequences in VS-code output tab? 0.00
Importing talib gives error "Module 'talib' has no ... 0.00
VS Code pylint(import-error) "Unable to import" subsub-mo... 0.00
Sending code snippets to the debug console interpreter 0.00
VSC wrong import dir when switching environment +0.53
How to stop vscode python terminal without deleting the log? 0.00
vscode activating virtual environment in home directory from a subd... 0.00
How to configure VS Code pytest extension to show test results in t... 0.00
Set global path for pylint/pycodestyle in VSCode 0.00
Package import works in Python Interactive window (in VSCode) but n... 0.00
In VS Code I don't want Black to format my settings.json 0.00
Select Python interpreter does not work in VScode 0.00
Python in VSCode: What is the easiest way to switch to the correct... +0.25
VS Code Flask debug running much slower compared to running Flask f... 0.00
Get Autocomplete for a special variable in python 0.00
Formatting numpy arrays with black 0.00
Can anyone tell me why Tkinter won't run on VS Code? 0.00
how do i correctly import a package in python? +0.00
Automate PyTest across Enviroments in VSCode 0.00
How to avoid conda activate base from automatically executing in my... 0.00
Why does my Visual Studio Terminal print directories and links? 0.00
Trouble running code in Visual Studio Code while using my MacBook 0.00
Selenium installed in visual studio code but module isn't found 0.00
Python in VS Code: Auto-completion (IntelliSense) not working for o... 0.00
Adding source root to Python project structure VS Code 0.00
VSCode completion with pygame works partially 0.00
Python was not found but can be installed from the Microsoft store... +0.49
Difference from launching vscode from anaconda navigator vs desktop... 0.00
Different python version in VScode terminal / iTerm2 terminal 0.00
Unresolved import python VSCode 0.00
CL/cl.h file not found Visual Studio with Windows C++ build tools i... 0.00
Visual Studio Code python 0.00
VSCode Python Extension "Downloading Microsoft Python Language... -0.50
how to fix utils pylint import error on virtual studio code? 0.00
How to pass command line arguments to pytest tests running in vscode +0.00
How do I debug in visual studio code a python program that calls c... 0.00
How to update ptvsd used by Visual Studio Code in debug mode 0.00
Get autocomplete when overriding methods from inherited python clas... 0.00
VS Code PYTHONPATH for Windows and Linux +0.50
How do I change the "test git" to point another file dire... 0.00
ModuleNotFoundError when importing mysql.connector in for python VS... +0.49
How do I select a sub-folder as a directory containing tests in Pyt... 0.00
VSCode python extension: How can I disable autocompletion from inse... 0.00
Configure Odoo 13.0 with VS Code on Windows 10 0.00
in Vscode, RuntimeError: 'path' must be None or a list, not... 0.00
Why does activating conda environment work in command prompt but no... 0.00