An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rob Forrest

1488.84 (4,432,601st)
3,696 (45,437th)
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Title Δ
Forloop with Limit +0.21
Doctrine / MySQL, imprecise double? -3.55
Upgraded PHP to 5.6.16 and MySQL Extension not working 0.00
Doctrine Class Table Inheritance - Eager loading sub-class references 0.00
How to improve/shorten PHP code syntax? Wordpress example 0.00
How to write same codeception acceptance test case with many differ... 0.00
Codeception Screenshots on test pass 0.00
Is it possible to store Functional/Acceptance config URL of Codecep... +0.13
i want to search for a key and take the value -2.34
PDO ODBC: Invalid string or buffer length 0.00
Invalid cursor state - pdo_odbc FreeTDS SQL Server 0.00
Issue with goto function in PHP +4.43
Checkbox default icon doesn’t update with jQuery +0.12
phpStorm - configure xDebug -1.99
Using PhP to control what is Printing +0.74
Debugging a SOAP service using xDebug 0.00
How to hide API key in JSON API request 0.00
CakePHP with large, rapidly growing models -1.95
Scroll to div jQuery +1.43
CakePHP Session Timeout on Inactivity only 0.00
Plupload, IE8 and HTML4 runtime not triggering add files dialog +4.29
MYSQL PHP add table values as rows +0.11
Looping over all subdirectories of a directory +0.13
Debugging not starting +0.12
Linked (CSS) and scripts don't update content on my VM with a share... -3.89
CakePHP query needs to be sorted by JOIN column +0.04
How can I minimize the 'contain' queries in CakePHP? +0.12
How to make CSS file more important than another CSS file? +3.49
Can't click on <li> or <a> elements, browser displays t... -1.10
CakePHP - BaseAuthenticate altering loginRedirect -3.47
Reusing a $_GET variable in a $_POST? -1.26
Scale HTML proportionally to fit exactly to PDF A4 size -0.08
Cakephp 2.2 and SWFUploader black-holed +0.00
When is the page send to clients browser? -3.70
Extending cakephp auth component with extra conditions 0.00
After succesfull Ajax call show div and replace span with new span -2.09
CakePHP find not returning correctly - missing model name 0.00
CakePHP controller alias -2.75
separator between php echo statements if required +2.40
PHP commenting code +1.91
ACL ordering and evaluation. what should take precedence Account or... -0.27
Can I print to my printer with PHP and Apache? -0.16
How to backup a huge mysql database in PHP with lowest usage (busy)... +1.33
tables and spacing -0.64
variable array is only populating last row of mysql table 0.00
Get first word of a sentence and two characters from second word in... +2.40
JavaScript .replace Function in jQuery Code not Giving Expected Res... +3.83
Ajax variable value to javascript -0.62
PHP - Use explode() in a file once for each line +4.49
Pick a random result that hasnt been displayed +4.22