An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1452.28 (4,405,059th)
3,829 (43,676th)
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Title Δ
Repeat but in variable sized chunks in numpy 0.00
Applying conditions before executing variable nested loop for permu... -0.98
Length mismatch: Expected axis has 5 elements, new values have 8 el... 0.00
create Dataframe based on date and values of another Dataframe 0.00
Using a switch with file in Python +0.56
Covert numpy.ndarray to a list -0.41
filling nested arrays in python -1.64
Python function for determining whether two words in a string start... -0.21
Convert nested list of dicts to flat list of dicts 0.00
Python JSON TypeError when parsing from response 0.00
numpy argsort() returning wrong result 0.00
How to read a folder with .txt_ files in Jupiter notebook 0.00
How To Replace Pandas Column NaN Values with Empty List Values? 0.00
Python - Iterate through a list and append n values every nth itera... 0.00
Condition to groupby or not groupby in Pandas 0.00
How to make a pivot table by month and sum hours using pandas? +0.54
problem with open file inside a while loop (python) +0.06
why (num) from type list in my code take one value and if I add new... -0.44
If the date in one field is older than certain date AND two fields... +0.04
How to reassign values in a series that match a list -0.71
Delete number even numbers from numpy array 0.00
Python: How to extract the first instance of a value from an array... -0.46
Combining 2 arrays into a dictionary -0.51
How do I fix this attribute error i my calculation step? +0.55
Python OOP - method returns None 0.00
Find and split on certain characters that follow words +2.82
Find first non-zero row in numpy +0.81
Is the GIL ever unlocked for non IO-bound work? +0.04
Convert the following code from Matlab to Python +0.07
insert data in rows based on conditional value in python 0.00
Python Multiprocessing within Jupyter Notebook does not work 0.00
Using functions for doing calculations 0.00
Remove first n-1 zeros from pandas dataframe column 0.00
I need help grouping data 0.00
Python, f-string formatting float value to exact amount decimals 0.00
Maintaining readability when using super() for direct multiple inhe... 0.00
How to get the first and last item in a list; I know how to do it,... +0.11
How to use for loops in combination with print statements +0.56
Python: Reorder a dictionary by the first half/part of the key +1.22
How to check if object exists (Selenium/Python) and execute if-else -0.44
Python rolling sum taking data from to columns 0.00
Option with two arguments with docopt -0.42
How to parallelize the same function using different arguments? -1.52
Faster way to compute difference between two csv files -1.31
Elegant coding for optional arguments and outputs in Python -0.66
Response anomaly after process repeats three times 0.00
Confused on a for loop for a hangman game? -0.44
join rows of different files in python -1.50
Using a variable for pandas read_csv() 0.00
How to compare two dictionaries in python with list, string and int... +0.14