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Mike Dunlavey

1436.56 (4,407,892nd)
35,921 (3,175th)
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Title Δ
What are these c++ std functions in my gprof output which are takin... -1.21
Visual Studio Performance Profiling .Net Core console application s... 0.00
What is the most efficient way to check if a string matches one of... +1.62
Most relevant performance indicators for C/C++ -1.21
Intuitive reason why minimization is harder in multiple dimensions... +0.49
Do (sampling) profilers still "lie" these days? -1.39
Can I still profile my code when the load exceeds the cores? 0.00
How does a profiler sample a running programe? 0.00
BLAS routines in profiler? 0.00
How to profile an optimized code and speed up loops 0.00
How to calculate vector direction between two vectors on a grid giv... +0.54
Fastest way to detect overlapping periods (or time range) +1.79
Why avoiding memory allocation/deallocation in a recursive code lik... -0.81
How do I know the number of times an assembly instruction is hit +0.21
sorting performance less than O(nlogn) +0.14
Callgrind performance analysis with cycle detection +0.53
Visual Studio Profile Guided Optimization 0.00
Probability Optimization in Matlab +0.02
Perf output strange memory addresses 0.00
How to work around intentional waits which are causing false hot pa... -0.41
Is the percentage of CPU utlized by the .NET garbage collector an i... +0.53
Which files? Which subroutines? 0.00
How to adapt random-sampling profiling technique to a program that... +0.38
Reading the code profiler(gprof) 0.00
Dealing with heavy profiling of execution times in C++ -1.28
Better way to handle n number of if-else if in java +0.33
Using /proc/*/stat for profiling -1.50
Relationship between code optimization and data compression 0.00
"PUSH" "POP" Or "MOVE"? +0.72
How do I profile Hiccups in performance? 0.00
Profiling a Single Function Predictably +0.59
Preferring shortest possible types +0.58
Remove Switch From Loop +0.12
Multithreading - How to use CPU as much as possible? 0.00
how do decimals work through binary? 0.00
Will the QML profiler (which requires building in debug mode) help... 0.00
.Net Profiler/Performance tuning 0.00
Fastest double-to-string conversion +0.08
Is it possible to profile only a plugin shared library without impa... 0.00
Profilling results - how to understand 0.00
Is there something like profile-guided dead code removal? 0.00
Perfomance-consumption of realloc() -0.32
How to effectively profile mutually recursive functions 0.00
wrong gprof results with gcc -Ofast -pg 0.00
How does recursion works behind the scenes of the Call Stack? +0.08
Profiling multithreaded code, how does sampling work +0.11
Java 8 : How to REDUCE compile time for the following code? 0.00
Optimizing code Physics +2.38
Visualising recursion in C -0.72
C code optimization -0.02