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1668.50 (337th)
192,094 (255th)
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Title Δ
Visual Studio "item + item" issue +0.28
Why pow function is giving error while dealing with long long int? -2.10
Can't expression in switch statement be string? C++ 0.00
C++ write a function to print all divisors of a float 0.00
Why zero in array in C++ is considered as NULL(using CODEBLOCKS)? +0.09
Why c++ std::find return container.end() instead of NULL to signify... -0.15
Is x!=x legal way to implement std::isnan() 0.00
How to test if a float number is even? +0.12
Java - return multiple return types +0.27
Type inferred by C++ auto +1.46
Can I safely get a c_str out of std::stringstream in c++? 0.00
How to output a variable stored in another variable +0.89
What is the difference between sizeof(*ptr) and sizeof(ptr) in the... -0.31
Creating a Christmas Tree - Java +0.96
C++ Templates: Do they create a new object and destoy them at the e... 0.00
Why assignment operator = doesn't return the value of pointer b... +1.94
Function: smallest positive integer +1.43
Strange behaviour while returning something from void function 0.00
Does C++ null-terminate a std::string? +1.60
Can someone tell me what is wrong with this statement? 0.00
What is the substitute of this specific "if condition with a t... 0.00
C++ weird rounding when decimal passed into function 0.00
Why would you ever want to use 'int index = min_element(vector.... -0.19
Is it legal to call resize(0) on an empty std::vector? +0.30
How can i correctly create a vector of arrays? 0.00
Why can we access private data members class using pointers, withou... 0.00
How to explain "x = (a = 3, b = ++a)" in c++? 0.00
c++ conditional expression assign reference 0.00
Buffer overrun while writing to 'array': the writable size... 0.00
Why static_cast works but dynamic_cast fails? 0.00
Why exception caught without throwing in C++? +0.30
Workaround for null pointer dereference? +1.51
How to call a static method member of a class when there is member... +0.28
Catch vector.erase() 0.00
Why When I replace the begin() with end() the output = 0 not 4? +1.32
Expression "void()" and its validity with ternary conditi... -1.47
Looking for Explanation of pointer initializing to const int and int 0.00
Use switch cases in an if statement +0.98
What is narrowing cast when I use initializer list? 0.00
Why doesn't the value of my variable change even though I passe... +0.28
C++ power consumption cant be calculated +0.29
Why does the fist print statement of b in the function print 5 and... 0.00
How does pointer increment work when adding to a variable? +1.49
What happens if the initialization part of a for-loop is missing? 0.00
How to convert an array of int to a vector? 0.00
Subtracting pointers from nullptr doesn't yield expected value +0.28
how to write clean try/catch block when find function returns a ref... -1.62
error C3863: array type 'double [length]' is not assignable 0.00
How Convert member pointer to englobing class (or struct) pointer 0.00
How to use structs, typedef, and template? +0.96