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1592.74 (2,098th)
18,332 (7,576th)
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Title Δ
Query in relational algebra 0.00
is there a way to display less digits in common lisp when using dou... 0.00
Translating Minimal Cover into 3NF 0.00
Illegal function call when sharp-quoting a lambda -0.83
I got a question for Functional dependency and violation of 2nd Nor... 0.00
Compare streams 0.00
How to invoke a function within a for loop in Lisp? +0.37
Database Normalisation based on functional dependency 0.00
Circular dependency between functions in Common Lisp -1.41
assoc function in Common Lisp and 2 questions -1.45
Why are lists faster then vectors for simple access? +1.89
Lisp Loop Largest Number +0.80
&rest in common lisp 0.00
Cannot take CAR of 2 (Common Lisp) 0.00
How to run this lisp functional programming code? 0.00
Modifying Relation into BCNF 0.00
A simple Common-Lisp cat 0.00
How do I check if a decomposition is in BCNF? 0.00
Write a function in scheme (racket) to return a list of odd integer... -0.19
Replaces occurrences in a list - Racket +0.37
How to represent variable length sequence in BCNF relation design? 0.00
How does eq? in Racket work with symbols and number? +0.43
Dotted lists in Guile Scheme +1.47
With applicative order, what order are the arguments evaluated? Lef... -0.75
Correct way to implement 1 to 0..1 relation in relational databases 0.00
Database design relationship for movie +0.37
racket lambda order explanation 0.00
Associate rows of table into groups, with special element in each g... +1.18
The number of different minimal cover possible are? 0.00
A varaible independent its local scope 0.00
Finding proper subset of elements using relational algebra 0.00
How to improve/maximize current Database/Table Structure efficiency? 0.00
Recursion in Common Lisp +1.50
Why is mapcar only using one of the arguments returned from values-... -1.28
How do I fix "BINDING form is not a proper list" error +1.32
Why does this simple LISP function throw an error? 0.00
What is the difference between '('() 2 3) and '(() 2 3)... 0.00
Checking for a condition of the same attribute twice? 0.00
:: *: expects a number as 1st argument, given (lambda (a1) ...) 0.00
How to get ONLY NULL values from table MySQL +0.67
Algorithm for generating n-tuples of an m-set 0.00
Meaning of this Scheme interpreter output? 0.00
Normalization on relational schema with no functional dependencies 0.00
Normalization Form 0.00
Local State in Common Lisp -0.33
Dependency preservation: Why is this decomposition dependency prese... 0.00
Common Lisp remf indicator from plist not working 0.00
Why is location transparency called location transparency? 0.00
Simulate a bank balance withdraw behavior with lambda 0.00
How to use the built-in function filter with lambda in Scheme progr... 0.00