An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

David Cary

1470.56 (4,518,831st)
3,279 (51,516th)
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Title Δ
Loading both inline and external scripts with Helmet 0.00
Estimating max payload size on a compressed list of integers -0.36
When using Huffman encoding for binary data, how are characters det... 0.00
Determining frequencies for a Huffman compressed file 0.00
Exporting data from SQL Server 2014 in Lao Language [Encoding/Colla... 0.00
Declaration of an array of constants -0.09
Language with extensive support for self-modifying code? 0.00
How are C data types “supported directly by most computers”? +0.70
Convert String to Key in java for RC4 encryption -0.45
Trying to write a swap position function for a doubly linked list 0.00
Algorithm for ordering strings to and from disk efficiently using m... -0.28
Defining 2D irregular array with malloc 0.00
Math - how to caclulate arccos formula? -0.45
How to find the nearest point in the perimeter of a rectangle to a... -0.28
Storing a Hex Dump inside an Array in C 0.00
node.js / gphoto2 - how to save file (jpg) 0.00
Retrive deep data stucture from database using JavaScript 0.00
Retrive deep data stucture from database using JavaScript 0.00
Why am I getting multiple regex matches? -0.47
(C) how to fix this algorithm for z827 ASCII compression? 0.00
Objective-C errors after getting the IAP product response +2.14
Microarchitectural profiling of C++ and assembly code on MIPS -0.99
Microarchitectural profiling of C++ and assembly code on MIPS +1.26
Huffman decompresion 0.00
Accessing Images on sub-domain odd behaviour 0.00
True or better Random numbers with Javascript 0.00
How long should a message header/prefix be? +2.33
Calculating parity bit with the preprocessor (parity functional sty... 0.00
How to allow anonymous information sharing and uploading? 0.00
Bidirectional communication between microcontroller and pyserial -0.45
Using multiple QR codes to encode a binary image +2.22
Lossless RGB to Y'CbCr transformation 0.00
What are the steps in which loss takes place in jpeg compression? 0.00
Trouble with xoring in C 0.00
byte aligning in serial communication 0.00
Finding which letter has maximal occurence +2.28
Maximum number of different numbers, Huffman Compression +0.07
Array of shortened integers +0.02
Caesar's Cipher Code -1.41
ANSI C - Functions as Arguments to Other Functions -0.98
strange CRC calculation 0.00
What wiki engines have strong MVC separation? 0.00
String to string compression algorithm? 0.00
Designing Around a Large Number of Discrete Functions in C 0.00
Is there a better compression library for strings than DotNetZip or... -0.05
Best way to compress a folder into an exe for re-use in Windows -0.20
Chained Hash Table and understanding Deflate +2.75
h264 lossless coding -1.20
Is The Effectiveness Of Huffman Coding Limited? 0.00
Supplying arguments to an image-generation program 0.00