An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Keith Twombley

1493.67 (4,321,328th)
1,316 (122,198th)
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Title Δ
How do I use an XPath query to get a list of character vectors in R? 0.00
Use plyr to summarize a data.frame and get counts of each unique item 0.00
Create a C-level file handle in RCurl for writing downloaded files -3.05
How to source R Markdown file like `source('myfile.r')`? 0.00
How to include (source) R script in other scripts 0.00
How to detect browser rendering engine in javascript? -3.77
Javascript value to PHP, cURL -1.32
Installed on edit trigger ... which sheet was edited? 0.00
How come <<<_END does not work -3.56
How to copy a row from one google spreadsheet to another google spr... 0.00
javascript date, googles app script 0.00
Setting an adapter on my listview 0.00
Java Variables Basics +0.91
content provider 0.00
Backwards-compatible BackupAgent -0.47
Possible to change background-color onClick, then automatically cha... +1.51
How can I tell reliably if my Android App is running on a device wi... 0.00
Display HTML-formated message box in Google Apps Script? 0.00
Tortoise SVN marks files as different between branches but no diffe... +3.06
How do I include a php variable within the value element of an html... -2.34
detecting keyboard, mouse activity in linux +0.18
What is the best method of getting the key of the last added array... -1.06
What puts less load on a PHP server: SimpleXML or json_decode? +0.20
Resetting height of an HTML element via CSS -0.19
How to create a for loop like command in C++? +0.76
What is an NP-complete problem? -3.99
Regex greedy issue +1.24
When can I delete a file after using it in Response.WriteFile()? +4.08
Forms and no Cookies - elegant way to submit forms -0.08
What's the best scheme for eliminating blog- or comment-spam +1.36
How can I split a PHP script that takes a long time to run into sma... +0.20