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1660.29 (427th)
37,594 (2,980th)
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Title Δ
List of lists to dict with every item in sublist as key +0.25
How to filter out words with at least one unique letter +0.30
How to check the number of characters 'M' in a list of data... +1.50
Convert this For Loop into a list comprehension +0.29
I am facing a problem in this memoizing this function in python, it... -0.61
format lists in python 3.9.1 -1.74
Getting a total sum in a nested object -0.21
How to get output for a string in repeated manner in python? 0.00
Why am I getting a IndexError: list index out of range error in the... -1.73
First element and last ones of list, Python +0.27
SyntaxError: invalid syntax .. Getting error in f-strings in Python 0.00
Python format timedelta object to datetime +1.38
how to populate a CreateView field based on count of model instance... 0.00
list.remove() not works but work when llist.remove() twice +0.28
Avoid the creation of sublist when using a list comprehension 0.00
i need to split sorted list, and make a new list out of it 0.00
How to get duplicate strings of list with indices in Python 0.00
Finding the next closest number in a list +0.28
How to remove duplicates elements in the list in Python 0.00
For every consecutive number -0.26
How to make a new dictionary from the values of (same lengths and s... +1.45
How do I add the below string to a dictionary in key value pair for... 0.00
python return a square of #s 0.00
@lru_cache on function with commutative arguments +0.28
How to have my program list every item off of a list randomly and o... +0.64
Filtering Dictionary with List of Lists as Value +0.80
Fixed-point notation is not behaving acording to the documentation 0.00
Replace all boolean values in a dict by a corresponding value witho... +0.46
How to find the repeated items of a tuple in python -0.71
Deque appending dictionary vs Deque(dictionary) in Python 0.00
Convert dictionary that is present inside two lists into a csv +0.31
Trying to return all nested json dictionary values that contain a s... 0.00
Draw specific letters and numbers in python -0.21
Regular expression in python to split each text between tags 0.00
Merge random number of dicts in list -0.71
Modify a key in a list of dictonaries based on some condition +1.23
Redirecting to Home Page if session not found 0.00
About Leetcode question "Linked List Cycle" - Python -0.29
Finding the 2^(n-1) connected lists in a given list of size n 0.00
Python - list + tuples length of elements +1.03
Default value of Python dictionaries .get method as *args 0.00
Check is a tree in python is a Binary Search tree -0.05
How to compare objects in a python list based on their relative lis... -2.11
Count the same elements with insensitive case in a list in python 0.00
how to use different decorator from parent class in child class in... 0.00
remove elements from list if it cannot be converted into float 0.00
How to find duplicate values in a list and modify them? +0.29
How to get top 3 count of names from list of dictionary in python 0.00
How to reduce a nested dict? 0.00
How to get itertools combinations as list of lists without for loop 0.00