An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1657.21 (449th)
37,594 (2,977th)
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Title Δ
how to use python to find the first not repeating character? 0.00
Matching strings when comparing two lists in Python 0.00
Maximum value for each position in multiple lists 0.00
Django: WARNING - Method Not Allowed (POST) 0.00
Get all possible combination of values in a list -- Python +0.28
how to check some static string in python list? -2.75
Please explain the conclusion of this code 0.00
Is there a way to perform a distinct count in a python dictionary? -2.44
Python: How do I slice a list based on variable type 0.00
How to write python function that checks if given string is in the... -0.22
How to treat given integer as binary values? 0.00
Python can the line "return x if y" be used? +0.28
Reversing the order of a list of lists or list of tuples +0.27
Class function return different results -1.26
dual diamond structure using nested repetition structures in python 3 -0.49
Convert a python list into a list of single item dictionaries +0.28
Defning Django admin models inside subdirectories instead of 0.00
Django not recognizing I have objects in my Model 0.00
dynamically populating dictionary with multiple strings +0.95
Return after for loop +0.30
My return statement is not running through in my function +0.64
remove duplicates dictionary from a list based on a specific key an... +0.78
Subset a list and retain original length with blank missing values +0.28
Recursive one liner function to print numbers from N to 1 -1.27
Getting None as an extra output instead of only minimum value in a... 0.00
Converting paired list values to dictionary 0.00
Generating all combinations of replaced strings +1.19
Convert String of List to List in Python 0.00
How to perform specific operations in different parts of a list? +1.22
Is there anyway a return statement can contain an if, elif conditio... -2.08
Get the last word after / in url python +1.30
Separating data in a string into different variables 0.00
trick of python logical operator '' or ''? +0.55
Python, sort a dictionary of orderedDicts by their sum's value -0.71
How do I sum the column values in a nested list without using any i... +0.80
Python zip inner list of a random list -0.57
Initialise a dict of empty lists -1.17
Find if 2 element are in the same sublist +0.31
Empty list inside QueryDict actually is not empty 0.00
How to check if any combination of two list items occurs in list +0.48
Editing each element within the lists within the values of a dictio... -0.21
Replace object reference in function -1.61
Difference Between For Loops 0.00
Number pattern using nested loop +0.09
Get all pairs from a list which do not contains same element 0.00
decorating methods causes method to pass in objects -0.68
Iterating over collections.defaultdict(list) 0.00
Pythonic way to find a dictionary that matches key, value pairs in... -0.42
Django Password Validators: If any three of the validations pass us... 0.00
Iteratively build string with different sized inputs +0.27