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John Bollinger

1611.02 (1,346th)
96,204 (793rd)
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Title Δ
How exactly a child thread returns from its pthread_create()'s... 0.00
push_back constant time, causing heap corruption 0.00
sed remove a line matching a pattern if not after another matching... 0.00
Why my program in flex and bison isn't working? Calculator of s... 0.00
Why it shows error: expected expression before ‘return’? 0.00
cmake install directory without OWNER_WRITE 0.00
How to use multiple forks in one program 0.00
Could not evaluate: Could not retrieve information from environment... 0.00
A Function in an application(.exe) should be called only once regar... 0.00
What is "Clang-Tidy: Function is within a recursive call chain... 0.00
Optimising a C Algorithm having ported to Python 0.00
How to make static array point to NULL 0.00
Linux from Scratch 10.2.0 gcc fails 0.00
How to retrieve user input value and store it to jchar array in C (... 0.00
installed puppet on a utility node 0.00
Error: subscripted value is not an array, pointer, or vector 0.00
using scanf in C; are both %i and %d the same in the matter of bein... 0.00
Is it UB to give a char argument to printf where printf expects a i... 0.00
How can I copy an existing overthere.SshHost file in XL Deploy UI u... 0.00
Fortran error: type mismatch between two unrelated subroutine calls 0.00
Parameters in startsWith(String word, char c) 0.00
OpenMP Tasks : Searching multiple Keys in a list using Binary Search 0.00
Paralleling Insertion Sort, Naive Attempt, Failed Attempt With pthr... 0.00
Correct directory structure for Puppet RSpec testing 0.00
Too many if else statements, can it be optimized given the "in... 0.00
Killing child process after timeout, with multiple children? 0.00
Recursive Makefile Does Not Recognize Dependency Changes in Sub-Dir... 0.00
When puppet-master controls puppet-client, can it be configured wit... 0.00
Understanding C x86 optimization of a small function 0.00
How to access a double pointer structure in another structure 0.00
Having some trouble using module hiera in puppet 0.00
Nuances of comma seperator and comma operator when used in initiali... 0.00
Memory access error despite allocating memory properly 0.00
Cpp expression does not get executed 0.00
What is in the address of main? 0.00
How to make the do while loop work properly? 0.00
Passing structures in functions when the structure comes from an &q... 0.00
Back then, were char variables in C declared as unsigned by default? 0.00
How do I get autoconf to find and use the correct version of a prog... 0.00
Is there a reason for the child to not to print until the parent pr... 0.00
Guarantee that getchar receives newline or EOF (eventually)? 0.00
What happened if a global variable and a function have the same name? 0.00
Why define "extern_" rather than using "extern"? 0.00
how to lock global data and its mutex as a reference object? 0.00
Prioritization of one thread to process a variable when it is share... 0.00
callback function is having issue with void expression in C? 0.00
Parameterized macros involving the ## operator in the replacement-l... 0.00
How do I output a .txt file within a Makefile? 0.00
Puppet gives error: "Illegal relationship operand, can not for... 0.00
redefinition error doesn't happen in external source file 0.00