An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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John Bollinger

1612.36 (1,330th)
96,204 (793rd)
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Title Δ
Is it safe to cast a function pointer to another function pointer i... +0.03
Can a output stream, in C, which is full buffered, be flushed autom... +1.66
Static function was declared but never referenced error 0.00
Assignment of values to structs in C using command line -0.74
Understanding OFF value in glibc logf function -0.23
Bash or tsch command without file extensions 0.00
How to check the value of a local variable in puppet unit test? 0.00
grep, cut and remove \n from file +0.52
Why is gdb throwing internal errors and telling me that there is a... +1.92
Interpretation of JDK11 javac type inference error message 0.00
Copy zip file and unzip using puppet in windows 10 0.00
Bash: How would I remove the first part of a directory from a array... 0.00
The question about the char code of C/C++ AND Java 0.00
In what order will facts found in files under a module/lib/facter/*... 0.00
How does the statement for creating classes work in Python? +1.83
What does fork() == 0 returns? -0.64
Why in C does taking input using int format to a char change the va... -0.41
Combining two union structs of ARM SoC +1.01
What is the exact difference and the relation between thread entry... -1.85
Memcpy in C - Using arrays in for loops then assigning to a struct +1.12
Why does Java HashMap need to increase or decrease when it can use... -2.50
Ambiguous fread()/fwrite() documentation 0.00
Convert scanf to a different argument size +1.00
Find and replace key word for all files (Mac OS) 0.00
How can you determine which servlet matches a URL when inside a ser... 0.00
JVM: what language can be used for JVM instruction implementation? 0.00
what happens when a parent class object takes value of child class... -1.81
May a header from the C standard library include another header? -0.36
Behaviour of shm_unlink -0.18
Case statement with braces +1.52
Where can PTHRED_MUTEX_ADAPTIVE_NP be specified and how does it work? +0.34
ternary operator do nothing in else part -2.73
Sorting a pointer based on another pointer +1.61
Unspecified behaviour about "object having more than one objec... -0.11
Why is my variable not updating when I use a switch statement? +0.35
Is it possible to calculate with ASCII numbers that are temporarily... +1.75
What if I want to build GNU m4 from zero without bootstrap from ano... 0.00
How to correct Boostrap cards with images from overextending and ta... 0.00
Thread-local storage in struct +0.34
Casting void* to uint8_t* / uint16_t* properly in C -2.36
About matrix operations +0.28
Selection sort: What is n-1? -0.41
Largest integer that can be stored in long double +1.29
How could i get the complete list of puppet modules availabe from p... 0.00
Difference between access() with F_OK|R_OK and checking NULL pointer? +1.31
How do I pass the descriptor as an integer to a function? -1.11
Puppet: load file content to variable (specifically hash variable) 0.00
Subclass extending the same superclass using another subclass withi... 0.00
How to remove char from string in bash? 0.00
Scaling Puppet 7.x -0.15