An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1483.21 (4,229,307th)
6,160 (26,364th)
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Title Δ
gitlab ci: sbt recompiles in each stage 0.00
Simple tax calculation in Scala 0.00
Exact 1 year previous date in Scala 0.00
Don't return same type from filter for efficiency 0.00
how to get a non repeated element in scala val ele = List (1,2,3,4,... 0.00
Parallel Computation with Scala Futures -0.47
Reading CSV file with multi line strings in Scala +1.59
How to make sense of this scala stacktrace? +0.53
How to decode a JSON null into an empty collection -0.19
What does curly bracket after a trait definition name mean in scala? -0.50
How can I get a code review by other developers 0.00
How to test Kafka Consumer with Embedded-Kafka-lib, exactly with &#... -0.45
How to add a set to a list of Sets in Scala -1.95
Setting up processing in scala 0.00
Scala Seq GroupBy with Future -1.73
A little complex path matching in Akka HTTP 0.00
Slick support for google dataflow 0.00
Slick dynamically filter by a list of columns and values 0.00
How to match statuscode with an Int in Scala 0.00
Jenkins pipeline with a sbt project 0.00
Dynamic instantiation of Objects in Scala with arguments- asInstanc... 0.00
Add library dependencies to SBT, for SBT (not the project managed b... -0.32
Akka Http actor injection in trait 0.00
Multiple left joins using slick? 0.00
scala sortBy using _ placeholder parameter does not work +0.52
Implicit classes and "not a member of type parameter" error 0.00
Cache solution to manage external api calls using play framework 0.00
How can I remove all trailing backslashes from a string in Scala? +0.03
Play Json: reading multiple optional nested objects -0.48
IntelliJ unable to resolve certain types, ex: EnumValue on a Mongo... 0.00
Scaling Akka actors +1.47
Scala macros example not working on Scala 2.12.6 0.00
Behavior of the Scala global thread pull between instances 0.00
Iterating over timestamp (date and hour) +1.13
Sbt: How to define task for all projects? -1.78
Scala,type mismatch; found : (Double, Option[String]) ⇒ Double requ... 0.00
Scala count chars in a string logical error -0.00
Join 3 maps (2 master map, 1 resultant map), to map the composite k... 0.00
what is the usage of getOrElse in scala +0.01
Sort an array[(int, int)] in order to a list in scala -1.90
Comparing Slick MappedColumnType using raw "base" 0.00
What's the difference between (-1).toShort and -1.toShort in Sc... -0.93
optimize error handling with pattern match in scala +1.42
Scala Slick filter after mapping query value 0.00
Choice of database to insert data from Scala code 0.00
How to use different application.conf per environment in Akka-Http? +0.03
How to read a csv file as Map for key value pair -0.24
For loop in Scala - way of evaluation +0.51
Filter List based on values from another List in scala -0.23
Work-stealing parallel job doesn't seem to steal much work 0.00