An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1512.68 (52,479th)
36,295 (3,120th)
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Title Δ
Connect to Gtk::Window signal_delete_event 0.00
Gtkmm 3.0: How to get user class data in on_draw method of DrawingA... -0.01
Whats the datatype of a Glade file? 0.00
Acessing fields in a gtkmm ComboBoxText 0.00
Gtkmm 3.0 how to switch between frames or windows 0.00
scrolled window border 0.00
Blank window with gtkmm derived widget 0.00
gtksourceview undo, undoing more than expected 0.00
use lambda in connection with sigc library +0.48
GtkTreeView Column Header Click Event +2.47
Creating python collections.namedtuple from C++ using boost::python 0.00
Detect cursor movement in GTK text buffer +0.49
How to use the Python GTK3 (gi.repository) gdk_event_get_scroll_del... 0.00
Read GTK Radio Button signal only when selected 0.00
How to install Python3 bindings for glib in Ubuntu? 0.00
How to fix Invalid UTF-8 string passed to pango_layout_set_text() 0.00
Conversion or cast of Glib::RefPtr<T> to Gtk::Widget& nee... 0.00
gtkmm compiler error codeblocks windows +0.49
Glib::Regex picking up TextTag-s 0.00
Accessing a Lua table within a table from C++ +0.49
Hello world program crashes in gtkmm 0.00
Python condition variable timeout 0.00
gtk+2.0 which widget to use for friends list? -1.78
gtk+ use keypress signal at window level, but block specific keypre... 0.00
gtkmm treemodel adding rows 0.00
Add get_focus() and has_focus is change to True 0.00
gtkmm x events are not working 0.00
gtkmm - error message from gtk::appchooserdialog 0.00
Why does gtk+ say "invalid utf-8" when debugging on eclip... +0.47
Gtkmm - Hiding a window without closing the application +2.26
multiline gtk entry in pygtk 0.00
Gtkmm : How to update UI from another thread? continuously +0.48
Gtk.Treeview deselect row via signals and code +1.66
Tutorial in hand-coding glade xml? 0.00
pcl include convolution not working 0.00
Create a pcl::PointCloud::Ptr from a pcl::PointCloud -0.22
Are there any native gtkmm classes to Queue commands/data from the... +0.49
gtkmm 2.4 cairo clock example does not work when modified to draw i... 0.00
gtk# ScrolledWindow - scroll to top 0.00
C++ Gtk threading. Am I doing it right? +0.49
How to create and load a GTK module? +0.49
How can I assign widget objects created with Gtk.Builder to my clas... 0.00
Destructing Glib::RefPtr causes failed assertions in the GTK 3 core -0.26
In simple gtk key press event example, GDK_SHIFT_MASK seems to be i... 0.00
How would I search text in a textview using gtk# and mono? 0.00
how to obtain height of treeview/treeviewcolumn? 0.00
makefile: symbol(s) not found for architecture -0.52
Single handler for 9 buttons (gtkmm-2, libsigc++) +0.25
Missing File application.h in gtkmm-3.0 on Ubuntu 11.10 +0.16
template typedef c++0x 0.00