An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1530.44 (18,154th)
2,426 (69,551st)
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Title Δ
Typescript: property based on another property +3.58
custom tslint rule to catch "=== undefined" not working 0.00
Reversing a number using recursion -0.55
Regex to detect a word with more than 1 capital letters 0.00
Partition a SELECT result by percentage randomly with a new flag co... -0.48
Error on python nameERROR +3.88
mysql return null if query is blank or empty -0.25
Storing "readonly" object as serialized data in relationa... +0.21
Anagram Python 3 +0.32
Complementary DNA sequence +4.09
Simple program but cant figure out why it doesn't work +0.02
Using functions and values from another script python 2.7 and pygame +3.63
how to make langton's ant move a step in python 0.00
Parse Play by Play Sports Data - Python Regex 0.00
Python 2.7 - Split comma separated text file into smaller text files 0.00
Returning a counter outside of a Python Function +2.66
JavaScript Regular Expression (If and only if) +3.09
Shortest possible definition for someone who doesn't know programming 0.00
Python: Pep8 E128 indentation error... how can this by styled? -2.71
JavaScript regular expression to replace a sequence of chars -2.71
sort 2-D list python -2.34
Regex for multiples of 10 +0.33
Recursive function is not following all paths +0.37
How to detect hashed password length? +4.04
What is this javascript regex doing? 0.00
Regular Expression for decimal numbers (at max 3 decimal numbers wi... -4.07
Find your pokemon - how does it work? JS +3.79
Replacing "<" with "*" with a Python regex -0.21
Regex to Find Four Open Brackets without a Closing Bracket -4.11
Making a timer in Python 0.00
Writing a simple function using while +5.18
Generating Uniformly Distributed Pseudo-random Numbers in C++ 0.00
Mysql query one random? +3.90
PHP RegEx with or without trailing slashes +5.08
8 queens unknown error in haskell +0.02
regular expressions emoticons 0.00
Error i not defined in for loop using python 0.00
Konesans Regex Cleaner Transformation 0.00
Python Regular Expression MULTILINE Not Finding Anything -0.75
Upload file larger than 70 MB google drive uisng python 0.00
In what cases does Python complex exponentiation throw an OverflowE... +1.30
SQLzoo tutorial | GROUP BY and HAVING 0.00
How to filter a list -3.03
Why does Python not allow my comments to be indented at the proper... +1.11
Executing a script within a script but continuing on error(s) and s... +4.01
How this does equation simplify to -1.93
what is a binary file and when to use writeBin() in R 0.00
Algorithm: Optimal combination of values to stay within range +3.97
Removing letters from a list of both numbers and letters -0.29
Beginner Python: Where to "while"? 0.00