An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1487.27 (4,181,912th)
7,340 (21,675th)
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Title Δ
PHP - Anti mitm attack idea -0.72
Please, do I need to protect password before entry into my server p... +0.51
A rack-supporting webserver that runs in JRuby and supports SSL and... 0.00
json decode from "{" and "[" 0.00
The meta-data tag in your app's AndroidManifest.xml does not have t... 0.00
Gradle, Android and the ANDROID_HOME SDK location 0.00
Install Google Settings on HAXM x86 emulator (Google Maps SDK) 0.00
Test activities in instrumentation app 0.00
If you can verify that a JKS keystore has not been changed is there... -0.00
ADT Eclipse + Gradle: incomplete 0.00
device does not have package in google nexus... 0.00
How to automatically test onResume behaviour by calling onDestroy u... 0.00
It's secure to update the CSRF token on every request passed as the... 0.00
Java Keystore password pointless? 0.00
stdio.h not found when compiling fsevent on OS X 0.00
Why isn't the String value changed after String.Replace in Java? -0.57
How can $_SERVER['HTTPS'] be empty when accessing over HTTPS? -1.95
What's this generics usage in Java? X.<Y>method() +0.41
C3p0 properties effect in spring/hibernate application? 0.00
How to stop and restart an activity in an android instrumentation t... 0.00
Testing onPause() , onDestroy() using Robotium 0.00
Is it categorically wrong to send a charset parameter with a Conten... -1.89
File sending 404 to fpf but viewable in Browser -1.88
replacement for alutLoadWAVFile -0.00
Get all currently playing sounds (or get number of playing sounds f... 0.00
Getting the approximated time of a web page to load in Java 0.00
$this->var or $var +0.48
Javascript: replace <select> with <div>? 0.00
How to decrypt the Obfuscated J2me file? (For reverse engineering) 0.00
php mcrypt CBC mode encryption/decryption problem 0.00
How do you force a configuration change in an Android Robolectric t... 0.00
MySQL-Query to get articles with only the chosen language +0.08
which framework should i choose from zend or symfony with respect t... -3.79
codeigniter smarty blank page issue 0.00
Code Igniter: This navigation logic in a controller or view? -3.11
Executing a bash file from a php page with root-only commands (Ubun... -0.08
Trying to make sure html tags are not left open in php +0.09
Rails framework & Nginx web server 0.00
Lots of platforms, same core codebase, best strategy? -3.02
What is the point of replace function in Memcache? 0.00
nginx rewrite - files exist but are rewritten 0.00
OpenAL/ALUT - Loading wav files 0.00
php, file download -2.68
Magento htaccess 301 Redirects 0.00
How to exclude certain messages by TAG name using Android adb logcat? 0.00
How do I rewrite the following method without unchecked warnings? +0.17
Varnish Cache not Caching PHP with Sessions Unless backend TTL alte... 0.00
Converting any file into binary in java +3.79
Do i have to tell IIS where my pdt PHP project is or should Eclipse... 0.00
Problems with css layout, div positioning, alignment and z-index's +1.36