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chux - Reinstate Monica

1544.58 (9,544th)
88,654 (889th)
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Title Δ
Function for Newton's Method in C++ 0.00
qsort in C give wrong results 0.00
Signed/unsigned mismatch compare 0.00
How can I print the base two representation of a number without usi... 0.00
Which is best for a list of points: an array of point structs or a... 0.00
How to optimize/ make this c code even faster? 0.00
Problems with printing output C 0.00
How to make static array point to NULL 0.00
How to print a 2D array? 0.00
C prime number bug 0.00
Approximating cosine on [0,pi] using only single precision floating... 0.00
Why is it OK to pass mismatch argument into isdigit function? 0.00
Return value don't return 0.00
using scanf in C; are both %i and %d the same in the matter of bein... 0.00
A potential memory overflow but not sure what's causing it 0.00
Factorial function only counts to 12 0.00
Inserting spaces between a 5 digit number 0.00
Prime number calculation algorithm speed makes no sense 0.00
IEEE 754: sqrtf() with fesetround(): different results between comp... 0.00
Using difference of pointers with printf("%.*s") 0.00
Getting double free or corruption !prev in C 0.00
Binary Search: how to determine half of the array 0.00
Program for float and doubles and how to print floats? 0.00
Why subtracted-memory address number is smaller than expected? 0.00
Random numbers created when doing arithmetic's on float in c 0.00
How do I print in double precision? 0.00
How to use fgets and feof when dealing with stdin stream and EOF? 0.00
How to use fgets? 0.00
Sorting a dollar amount into 20/10/5/1's using arithmetic opera... 0.00
Getting Error while calculation of two float numbers 0.00
Generate integer random number using available binaryrandom (which... 0.00
How to allocate aligned memory from an api that has a lower alignme... 0.00
Plotting random numbers in a historgram in C language 0.00
What operations can make floats leave a [0, 1] range? 0.00
Is it safe and portable to cast pointer to any type to char pointer... 0.00
Not getting my program to print to output file 0.00
gettimeofday to calculate elapsed when day changes 0.00
How to access , change and print a variable by its memory adress in... 0.00
Trying to print structure variable without dot operator 0.00
Double to uint64_t conversion 0.00
While loop not executing code in correct order in C 0.00
Floating-point mantissa and exponent base 2 0.00
CS50 Tideman "prints winner of election when some pairs are ti... 0.00
'calloc' on bidimensional array doesn't initialize prop... 0.00
Use value before and after the decimal point in c++ float? 0.00
Big O and Running Time? 0.00
program to count commented characters and words in a C file 0.00
How to get the first 2 digits of a number 0.00
How to pass float pointer to function which takes double pointer 0.00
How to reject a non-numeric input in this code? 0.00