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John Dibling

1582.83 (2,714th)
83,321 (973rd)
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Title Δ
Assign a class based on matching text -0.61
angular2 / typescript class inheritance with generic types 0.00
RxJs Observable - Handle 404 by emitting default value 0.00
Using Angular2 HTTP Service with caching mecanism 0.00
How to filter from string vector c++ instead of new vector -0.12
Fastest way to append two arrays ( concatenate two arrays) C++ -1.12
C++ template struct 'has no member named' error -2.17
Finding the length of a character array in c++ -1.06
Where to put "delete" in the loop +0.77
How can I add objects to a vector in c++? 0.00
C++ function make array based on arguments -0.40
C++ elegant way to mark index which doesn't belong to a vector +1.37
Differencies using templates in MSVC and g++ 0.00
in main() , Not Declared in Scope +0.37
Why do i get this error when initialising a stack? +1.05
two types of constructors with a single template? +0.76
two types of constructors with a single template? -1.74
Fast synchronised cout for multithreading 0.00
is there a standard array with fixed buffer item and dynamic item c... -0.47
C++ call different class constructors, avoid switch -1.50
c++ recursion without if, or if related statements (switch, while,... 0.00
In c++, how to wrap default headers with fallback +1.66
What is the proper use of dynamic allocation -- should this be avoi... -0.97
Passing this and circular references -0.12
Does anyone know where I can find a list of the std:: namespace?? (... +1.18
Are <function number of lines> and <times function called&... -0.91
Error when trying to erase vector of pointers +1.60
C++ Constructor Inheritance (Invoking Constructor from Derived Class) +0.34
Is C++11 mutex only uses static intialization? +0.38
What does *(void **) mean? +1.10
C++ algorithm structure and classes +0.04
Is using "this" for all member functions and attributes b... -2.50
terminate handler that throw exception 0.00
How does this map work in C++? -0.48
C++ Operator Surchage Class Declaration +0.51
Function pointers: is the simple canonical use bad from a performan... +0.03
Improve std::sort performance -2.14
Dynamic array without new (C++) -1.38
When to use "pointer to function" and "function poin... 0.00
How can I find out what type the template<typename type> is? -0.23
Abstract class with two constructors c++ +1.59
use of const iterator in template function 0.00
Are the C++ member classes constructed before parent classes? -0.87
Why does *struct_pointer = struct_variable not have the same behavi... -1.39
Performance: should I use a global variable in a function which get... -0.96
Why std::string hasn't const char* cast operator in C++11? -0.36
Would there be any drawback in introducing students to `std::addres... +1.05
why asynchronous events can not be handled using C ++ exceptions? -1.11
How to pass the address of a field of a class in C++ +1.29
Converting unsigned char array to int -1.39