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1708.34 (117th)
90,091 (871st)
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Title Δ
Can't return nullptr for unique_ptr return type +0.23
What is the purpose of the sentence "Absent default member ini... 0.00
why gcc 6.4.0 c++14 moves automatically lvalue to rvalue 0.00
std::get<0>(...) and enum index -2.24
How do I get CMake to compile a source file containing Boost Local... 0.00
Why can std::map::emplace usage leak memory? 0.00
How to use lambda as std::unique_ptr's Deleter? -0.81
Almost Always Auto and for loops with counter +0.28
static_cast taking away constness 0.00
Is there a way to create operator/function overload for container t... +0.23
unique_ptr, you're referencing a deleted function 0.00
Why does adding a destructor (even empty) break my struct that uses... 0.00
How to insert n contiguous elements into a std::vector whose elemen... +1.16
Custom deleter in std::unique_ptr not called 0.00
How can I write a template function that returns either a reference... +0.25
insert_or_assign is allowing iterator +1.20
Using namespace inside decltype +0.92
struct assignment with initializer_list in c++ -1.61
gcc not_fn implementation: why does _Not_fn accept additional int p... +1.16
How to initialize std::vector of function pointers to operator over... +0.20
Why is the move constructor implicitly deleted when a destructor is... -1.62
std::move with a unique pointer of a base class pointing to an inst... +0.81
Behaviour of call_once while exceptions 0.00
Empty initializer list as argument doesn't call default constru... +0.22
std::move() with +0.66
Why require copy constructor for packaged_task in VS 0.00
Can I use braced-init-list for a vector of std::variant? -1.91
Object passed to std::move but not moved from? +0.23
Why elements can be inserted in a vector when using const_iterators +1.28
Explicit default constructor 0.00
boost lexical cast double to string giving invalid results +0.70
std::vector initializations and typedefs 0.00
Unpacking parameter packs multiple times +0.87
Why does this code compile (C++11) without a type mismatch error? 0.00
function implementation with enable_if outside of class definition -1.12
use of enumeration in a nested name specifier (compiler warning) +0.63
How can I try_emplace a POD struct in a std::map? 0.00
lambda output in C++ 0.00
Do optional references in c++ preserve object life? 0.00
Brace initialisation of derived types -2.60
boost unit test filter when using a fixture 0.00
Why does gcc warn about calling a non-trivial move assignment opera... 0.00
How to get around variant apply_visitor not supporting 3 args? 0.00
std::set of unique ptr range insert +0.21
this in unevaluated context in static member functions 0.00
Is there any reason to use std::map::emplace() instead of try_empla... +1.55
Can I create an unordered_map of string and atomic<int> key-v... 0.00
Forward declaration mess +0.18
How to a store a boost normal distrubution as a class member -1.27
Mutex declared as private member generates an error but not when it... 0.00