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1424.42 (4,190,817th)
8,305 (18,836th)
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Title Δ
PHPMyAdmin has retained a bad query I typed as the default "br... 0.00
What produces the white space in my perl programm? -1.17
Are there other languages besides Perl with default variables? -0.56
find and remove substring in string using regexp in javascript +0.45
Input XML data doen't match with the output XML format -1.15
import jquery-ui css file 0.00
Is there a bug in Safari with linear gradients? I get unexpected re... +2.73
How to get username from an url after matching url with a particula... +0.43
Undefined Array in Perl +0.12
How to find the nth character or digit in a string using REGEX in P... -1.20
Automatically add more content/ field (Wordpress) -0.40
How to update 2 textboxes with javascript? -0.05
Perl: HTML::TableExtract - How to get cell content which contains 3... +0.53
How do I use Date::Manip to create a date usable by Date::ICal? +0.72
Perl - Searching many xml files with pre-caching - architectural co... -0.63
How to code PHP search engine for searching through multiple sqlite... -0.23
It's my own image - why has it developed attributes I haven't assig... -0.39
Can you explain Perl's hash system to a PHP guy? -0.41
Perl form-mail script that is not working +0.64
Sqlite using command line 0.00
How to run the Microsoft Windows XP VHD, for testing with IE 6.0, w... 0.00
What's the environment variable that Perl looks up for %INC? -1.06
How can I sort a list of IP-addresses in Perl? -0.66
Where is the chrome in Firefox 5 (Windows)? 0.00
Dead simple perl script to send tweets +2.47
"The Social Network" programming puzzle -0.84
GET html using WWW::Mechanize causes "Forbidden" -0.98
separate layout from templates in perl cgi::application -0.63
How to separate words in a "sentence" with spaces? +0.07
How can I get all HTML pages from a website subfolder with Perl? -0.01
extract all links from a HTML page, exclude links from a specific t... 0.00
How can I use Perl to concatenate array elements between two indexes? -0.10
How can Perl interact with an ajax form +0.94
Record editing session in eclipse +0.51
How can I make LWP::UserAgent look like another browser? -0.42
How can I get Dreamweaver to search Perl files? 0.00
Why does Perl's XML::RSS::Parser complain about "End tag misma... -0.39
XML file editing problem +0.10
How do you generate website navigation? +0.16
How can I evaluate chained expressions from a string, in Perl? +1.41
Looking for a replacement for NMS +0.62
Use proxy with perl script +0.57
How do I prevent HTML source formatting from affecting output? -0.99
Tri-state Check box in HTML? -0.28
override definition in css file -0.01
(X)HTML+CSS Validation warnings -3.19
Hidden divs - reducing latency with style display none + javascript -1.97
designing web interfaces for mobile devices -0.69
Can PAR Packer generate stand-alone scripts? +4.90
Object-oriented HTML without server side code. Possible? -2.06