An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Evgeny Lukashevich

1503.89 (240,386th)
1,309 (121,683rd)
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Title Δ
Knockout Template Binding If: option changes from true to true, rer... 0.00
Find differences of 2 collections with 40K objects +3.94
How to select all attributes of the current node? (XPATH) 0.00
Non-default constructor for runtime determined type +0.36
Not being able to get the correct result -3.61
Structure map and life cycle of UnitOfWork Class 0.00
Is there a better permalink solution +1.07
Adding EntityFramework.Extended to the project +0.67
Linq merging two classes into a third? 0.00
LINQ - Local sequence cannot be used in LINQ to SQL implementations... +4.21
S.O.L.I.D Essentials missing points? -2.53
How to get subnet mask using .net? -4.11
Merging 2 lists and sum several properties using LINQ +3.72
How to get data from a LongListSelector item in WP8 -2.64
Lambda "select between" +1.45
Assert.AreEqual fails with the same type +3.07
Sharing .net assemblies between mutliple development teams 0.00
T-sql compare two variables see if the other one holds the first 0.00
html agility pack Object reference not set to an instance of an obj... +1.58
LINQ Row Index Retrieval Cast Requirement +4.02
Merging rows using foreign keys for connections 0.00
C#: if else statement with listView -1.83
Javascript or jQuery text colour slide effect? +0.06
Linq Query not working as expected +1.60
Is there any jquery Context Menu plugin smart enought to deal with... -3.74
Javascript .js files not working in IIS 7.5 0.00
How to kill a process started by cmd.exe +0.30
Currently running query inside a stored procedure -0.76
Issues with this css/jquery combo +4.04
Not getting memory for Validator control in Javascript 0.00
Can resharper javascript intellisense refer to js files in another... -4.01
How to convert '2012-02-06T23:18:17Z' to DateTime -1.86
get selected item id from dynamically created dropdown list with jQ... -3.97
Ensure statement is executed only once when a key is pressed and he... +0.07
How to get a part of id element using jQuery? -2.37
Clear all Gridview values -0.63
How to make this .html reveal slowly and then hide slowly on mouse... +4.32
how to create custom control using jquery ui? 0.00
C#: Finding and changing an element in an array of struct -2.49
How to update all records in a table at the same time (without upda... 0.00
Process.Start with different credentials with UAC on +3.94