An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1509.05 (77,787th)
1,565 (104,962nd)
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Title Δ
Converting strings to methods that output the string -1.47
Smooth transition between html pages with a loading image animation 0.00
Rails 3.1: Persistent "Template is missing" with JSON for... 0.00
.Net and Ruby on Rails - use situations +3.97
Rails: Many-to-many flattening with only the join table 0.00
jQuery how to set first tab active? +3.91
Using .delegate in jQuery -4.61
Async generation of additional styles in paperclip plugin 0.00
Render HTML to TIFF -0.78
Code Golf: Morris Sequence +3.03
NHibernate many-to-many relationship question: can select, can't up... +4.57
Moving from to php -1.12
NHibernate: Removing child from many-to-many relationship causes ex... -3.73
Show an ASP.NET Validation Summary in a jQuery UI Modal Message +4.58
Autoresize textbox control vertically +0.97
Jquery .text() seems not to work on XML in IE7 -4.04
Clickable LI overrules links within the LI +1.19
How to Create Automatically Expanding Block +2.59
How to do browser detection with jQuery 1.3 with $.browser.msie dep... 0.00