An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1551.41 (7,047th)
47,014 (2,201st)
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Title Δ
Regex Group Capture +0.27
how do i validate with number and regex in vue js -1.92
Regex pattern matching and its limitations +0.20
Parse Double quotes copy past issue with javascript 0.00
What is the regex for positive number range 18-65? It must accept o... +0.95
Struggling with Objected-Oriented Method +0.23
Capture multiple lines of text after a header -2.06
How to remove item from list which Id is not in list of Id's +0.42
extracting two different substrings inside of a string +0.71
Regex (Posix) to get first word only, not including numbers +0.36
What is difference between initialization of object using following... +0.26
Detect if you're running in a debug or release executable at ru... 0.00
Send Data to Server only if there is a change in HashMap Data in An... -0.10
Write a program that reads student scores, gets the best score, and... +0.43
Prefer private static methods to instance methods -0.13
How to string match the entire line based on the keyword using rege... +0.43
How to specify my data type in the generic parameters -0.64
Preserve order by value when inserting to map 0.00
RegularExpressions in WPF +1.55
(check(k.ToString() == 1)) +0.41
I used a regular expression to restrict the numbers only between 3.... -0.45
Problem with Arrays that using for loops and if (JAVA) +0.76
Swagger Java date format validation throws exception 0.00
Hex code validation not working in laravel -0.29
How can I get the string with more lowercase characters from a give... -0.33
How to integrate other language compilers to Java Project? 0.00
Why the same distribution? Machine learning 0.00
Date conversion in MM/DD/YY h:mm:ss a format in java +1.55
What Design pattern is this peudocode for? +1.85
Reading data from 3 different text file which are in different format 0.00
Why is an object array created inside the object array class? +1.46
How iterate in XML file by iterator Java? -2.24
Using foreach statement on variables of type 'Task<List<S... -0.33
re.split(r'\W+', 'Words, words, words.') output [&#... 0.00
Java substring with line break +0.42
Allow nulls in the API Route 0.00
Regex that matches the string ÷x% -1.31
Creating Constructors for Classes without Fields -1.00
"this" in java is not referring to current object's m... 0.00
How do I access the title attribute with xpath? 0.00
Convert image url into image bye in 0.00
How to add the bonus? -0.25
Calling methods on objects in an arraylist 0.00
Input characters in array one by one java +0.43
JS6 Writing regExp with first digit as value from other variable 0.00
Generating random values from a set of values according to the perc... 0.00
Iterator to replace if/else Android Java -0.88
Postgres search a char X but not XX +2.99
face recognition based on one picture +0.18
AND in Regular expression 0.00