An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1564.27 (4,865th)
62,211 (1,450th)
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Title Δ
Bullets repeat numbers when forcing text to two columns in rmarkdown 0.00
How to make button move to new position on hover 0.00
Cant get navbar to fill width of screen +0.40
Two Column Layout with centered and left aligned content 0.00
Waiting for DOM manipulation to finish before triggering CSS transi... 0.00
CSS In a parent div with two child divs, center 1 child div in the... -0.07
Absolute position doesn't work inside children of flex -0.37
AJAX DIV refresh solely in JavaScript +0.41
Is it possible to Inline an SVG in style.css for reuse, multiple ti... 0.00
Is it possible to change the autoscroll offset when dragging? 0.00
Change text in link element using CSS 0.00
bootstrap How do I rearrange the grid like an image? 0.00
Bootstrap 5 stop span tag causing line break -0.59
Change color of DIV depending text-value (from external source) -0.59
Is there a way to fix this problem of a slideToggle() inside a slid... -2.25
increasing the height of particular bar in vertical bar chart -0.61
How to get value of toggle type checkbox -0.11
How to remove box shadow between two divs to be like on same plane? -0.69
css - make 2 display:table-row sticky on top of each other -0.99
Css Grid item stick to top on scroll 0.00
Can a CSS ::after pseudo-element be fitted to the size of its parent? 0.00
How to align div to parent div? -0.27
How to place rotated text properly? +0.40
How to align <hr> elements inline if text is different length... -0.10
CSS positioning element with flexbox +0.40
Pure CSS solution - When a radio button is checked I want labeled e... 0.00
How to give margins within two col-sm-6 grid boxes? -0.61
How to blur the outline of button? +0.40
Checking table cell for an &nbsp; and coloring it -0.10
Use flexbox to force div to fill up remaining height of page +0.40
Css rating with certain symbols -0.32
Define max. column width in CSS grid 0.00
Sizing main viewport for firefox mobile 0.00
How to make child div border overlay corner of parent div border? -0.09
4x4 grid of squares that scale up to a maximum width +0.04
Set elements height to follow sibling height in display flex row 0.00
grid template areas for css grid moving everything to top right 0.00
Cell background filter without filtering cell content 0.00
Display only part of decimal number but not change their real values -0.78
Is there a way to center a div between to columns without it coveri... 0.00
CSS section layout with shaped divs -1.57
Bootstrap 4 - add a border to rounded-circle img but offset by x pi... 0.00
Align flex items closer together -0.12
Prevent CSS Grid cell from vertically expanding cells in other column +0.39
CSS/Javascript effect not displaying +0.39
How to make JS always checks if the value is changed? -0.00
Is it possible to place an image off the edge of the window that do... 0.00
How to make a flex container display the divs in row when screen si... 0.00
how to show image over blurred background 0.00
Table with sticker headers: Scrolling hides the border-top and bord... 0.00