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Dan Story

1563.06 (4,963rd)
8,022 (19,600th)
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Title Δ
How to implement jQuery's .not()? -0.84
Determine if an element is a jQueryUI Widget +3.31
Why are forward declarations necessary? +3.47
Learning to read GCC assembler output -4.07
Saving any file to in the database, just convert it to a byte array? +0.46
How to see the contents of std::map in Visual C++ .NET (Visual Stud... +4.00
fopen / fopen_s and writing to files +3.74
Book on C++ for understanding advanced concepts +3.62
C programming and TDD +2.30
How to use boost::crc? +1.58
Can I program C++/CLI using Visual Studio Express 2008? -0.79
Wrapper class that creates objects at runtime and stores data in an... -0.46
Create a overlay screen while a game/program is running? 0.00
writing code for nm-alike command [C++] +3.32
C code to round numbers +0.06
Endianness manipulation - is there a C library for this? +3.85
Using Visual sudio .ncb file for reflection +3.30
references in C++ -3.96
What web frameworks and languages have the lowest development time? +3.53
Allow native DLL to output stdout / stderr in c# console application 0.00
What are the reasons to use dos batch programs in Windows? +3.39
how to access child instances in a vector in c++ +3.56
String search algorithm used by string::find() c++ +4.27
DOS batch command to read some info from text file +0.14
Question on how to remove a Visual Studio Breakpoint +1.32
How would I shorten this If... Else... statement to check the state... +3.99
Is there any algorithm for determining 3d position in such case? (i... +3.77
Can I use AppDomain.AssemblyResolve Event to redirect a failed Asse... 0.00
Can I stop Visual Studio from refactoring outside the current proje... +0.05
Why can't I create a templated subclass of System::Collections::Gen... 0.00
Is it weird or strange to make multiple WCF Calls to build a ViewMo... +3.58
deploying precompiled WCF REST service error "service not defi... 0.00
C++ Libraries similar to C#? -4.07
How to prevent arbitrary code execution vulnerability in our progra... -0.30
Unmanaged C++ in .net -1.00
Keep-alive for long-lived HTTP session (not persistent HTTP) -1.61
Page doesn't un-cache itself in ASP.NET C# +3.71
How would one do dependency injection in scala? +3.95
Javascript focus and select not working in FF +3.84
C#, Windows Forms, and Application.Run() -0.64
What can tables do that CSS positioning cannot? +3.87
How to avoid null pointer error -3.20
To GAC, or not to GAC? +4.01
P/Invoke or C++/CLI for wrapping a C library -2.25
Bash: how to interrupt this script when there's a CTRL-C? +2.26
What's the difference between unsigned long/long/int in c/c++? -3.98
Can a main() method of class be invoked in another class in java -2.75
Is it impossible to secure .net code (intellectual property)? -2.37
How large a role does subjectiveness play in programming? +2.15
Exception when calling stored procedure: ORA-01460 - unimplemented... -4.20