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1455.62 (4,403,959th)
19,691 (6,930th)
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Title Δ
Java thread safe write to xml file? -0.43
Difference results for the same program -1.06
RegexpValidator don't block a empty string +0.06
casting a subclass object as superclass +0.20
How to get today as a string in Java 5? +0.56
Array parameter passing +0.97
Getting "illegal access to loading collection" error -0.49
Calling an overridden method, superclass an calls overridden method +0.15
Looping FileReader +0.54
how to validate float against specific format in java? -0.45
Java enum search by number range +0.21
A class that only allows me to fill instances of the first type cre... +0.07
Why do java arrays have no indexOf method? +0.83
Suggestion need for GUI Builder. +0.23
Java server application database options -1.43
How can I get a specific thread to be the next one to enter a synch... +1.30
How to download file despite of 401 error in Java +0.71
Why can't I synchronize instance block in java? -1.03
What is the actual impact of calling socket.recv with a bufsize tha... +0.05
Swing and JPanels, layout managers +0.21
Decreasing run time of code +0.53
Java: Halting Program Without Input Prompt -0.17
swing flow layout break element +1.95
Bitwise operation substring in Java +0.22
Creating Sub-Threads From a Thread in Java -0.76
Converting a war file into an executable file +1.29
Java choose layout -0.45
Java choose layout +0.72
In Java, how run differentes methods, one in each thread? +0.39
Immutability in Java -1.02
Java Spreadsheet API - Read Write Modify +0.57
Sorting JXTable with SwingX -0.91
basic java if clause question +0.58
Is it secure to have a configuration file outside a deployed java w... -1.53
Accessing SOAP web service with incorrect wsdl +0.29
Java Swing painting & Mouse event flicker -0.45
Java: Building webapp UI for sample database application +0.57
parsing file by using thread +0.33
Collision system not working 0.00
why would you need to know whether a method of an abstract class is... +0.05
Opening a native app within a JFrame 0.00
Reading contents of the XML using java -0.42
Why do O(n^2) algorithms become more inefficient the larger the amo... +0.33
Question about Static methods -0.21
How can an anonymous class use "extends" or "impleme... +1.41
change the java class at runtime 0.00
Should I allow object to delete itself from its interface? Is it co... +0.07
Creating thumbnail views of images using Java +0.05
numbers after comma in Java +1.19
Loop,Repeat Program in Java (Java Beginner question) -1.06