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Jon Purdy

1571.33 (3,796th)
39,669 (2,820th)
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Title Δ
Splitting string into type in Haskell 0.00
Concatenation, Haskell 0.00
Haskell - Applicative upon Either's Left 0.00
Possible to read files in pure code in Haskell? 0.00
What's a functor on the category of monads? 0.00
How to pass not a function that returns a boolean in another functi... 0.00
Is changing an object's variable outside of the object consider... 0.00
Haskell - Count occurrences from multiple elements and return tuple 0.00
Operator vs Anonymous function precedence in Haskell 0.00
How can I use `bound` for non-monads? 0.00
Deriving Eq and Show for an ADT that contains fields that can't... 0.00
Is there a function that transforms/maps both Either's Left and... 0.00
Implementing Applicative instance for dictionaries (Map, associated... 0.00
mapMaybe for keys in Data.Map 0.00
Rigid Variable in Applicative instantiation 0.00
Haskell - Saving string input into a list 0.00
Generate a sequential or random value each time a function is called 0.00
Optparse-applicative: consecutive parsing (ReadM) 0.00
Mapping based on found value 0.00
Too many flips in pointfree Haskell? 0.00
Is IO an instance of Functor just because it is a Monad in the firs... 0.00
Dist of a Frequency in Haskell using a call to foldmap 0.00
How to do a where clause across pattern matches 0.00
What is the best way of threading values around between different p... 0.00
Can this function be written in point-free style? If not, why? 0.00
Understanding how reader monad simulates global variables +2.26
Is it possible to write join down for Arrows, not ArrowApply? 0.00
Haskell - why would I use infinite data structures? +2.36
need to convert monard chainrl to applicative style +1.90
How to create a random list in haskell +0.38
STM and unsafePerformIO in Haskell 0.00
Changing a do expression that uses pattern matching to application... 0.00
Is it possible to convert a HOAS function to continuation passing s... +2.40
What should a Traversable instance look like for a Tree datatype wi... -1.14
Primitive Recursive Functions Excercise in Haskell +2.37
haskell parallel multithread a do block 0.00
How would I abstract Command/Response in an extensible way? -1.39
How does (fmap.fmap) sum Just [1,2,3] type check in Haskell? -1.83
Apply a constant to all the fields of a datatype +1.48
The type-specification operator is like down-casting in Object-Orie... -1.61
How to get source range of AST nodes using megaparsec? 0.00
Set value of record field to calculation involving another field in... +0.87
What is the relationship between polymorphism's rank and (im)pr... 0.00
How to change a value in a certain postion of the matrix(and return... 0.00
Additional pattern matching inside case +0.28
How do laziness and parallelism coexist in Haskell? 0.00
Finding the computational interpretation of a theorem -1.59
How to determine if one can write a total, terminating Haskell func... +1.14
Understanding the guard function and list comprehension 0.00
Why provide the `HasCallStack` mechanism since we already have `ghc... 0.00