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Ingo Leonhardt

1550.00 (7,771st)
6,378 (25,353rd)
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Title Δ
C macro using two macros 0.00
recv() loop adding last "chunk" twice to buffer 0.00
why the child process doesn't resume after I send SIGCONT to it? 0.00
segmentation fault on malloc initializating 2d-array 0.00
Why does the program run only once 0.00
How to get string length using scanf function 0.00
How do local static variables work in method? 0.00
How to implement env | grep LANG with fork execve and pipe 0.00
Linking in UNIX 0.00
double free or corruption (fasttop) with large files 0.00
Why am I getting a 'public_stream ! = nullptr' error on exe... 0.00
Is it possible to add 3.005 to 4.70 only using int types in C? +2.03
Suppose you are given arrays p[1......N] and q[1......N] both unini... +1.56
Why are there extra spaces in the file after copying text from one... +0.40
2D ARRAY (MATRIX) - Segmentation Fault (CORE DUMPED) 0.00
Malloc until sudden Termination without error -0.52
What should I do with my functions that return wrong answers? -0.18
What is wrong with wait() on father process in pipeline 0.00
Is there any way to figure out that child process was killed with S... -1.59
Structure array erases data 0.00
Struct declared in C header file - gcc malloc error 0.00
Is it possible to change charset encoding in C? 0.00
warning initialization from incompatible pointer type - C array of... 0.00
Infinite loop error with my binary to decimal method in C? +1.93
How to check macros defined in .so? I'd use nm to check the fun... -1.98
Why does this sscanf modify some data i don't want to be modifi... -1.98
How to change null pointer (of struct return type) to declared stru... -0.59
How to use va_start()? 0.00
Segmentation fault when trying to create multiple threads for file... 0.00
Recursive and no-recursive get different answer +0.41
"Double free or corruption(out)" on closing a file? 0.00
Linux programming. How to send array with message queue? -1.14
How do I set authorization bearer header in C++ curl code? I'm... 0.00
My program gives the correct output in windows(gcc) but in Linux(gc... 0.00
calling signal handler again in itself +1.49
Confusion with implementation of malloc from K&R -1.48
Program.exe has stopped working when trying to open file +1.41
Is there any function or method like subprocess.getoutput() in c or... +2.34
Casting structs to the pointers +1.15
C valgrind errors -1.49
fseek() crossing file limit and not terminating 0.00
Incomplete C recursive function. I do not know how to implement cor... +1.66
How to call an external program with full IO in C +1.13
Read /proc program -0.47
Sort array alphabetically, upper letter always first -1.07
C:Having some troubles with a pointer to uint8_t[] 0.00
Generating absurd output +1.94
Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) - using... 0.00
Storing of string literals in consecutive memory locations -0.47
Korn shell metacharacters: What does !(some text) mean? -0.28