An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1512.52 (54,992nd)
1,712 (96,609th)
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Title Δ
Invalid key length in crypto.createCipheriv 0.00
python convert string to list +1.11
Are floating point operations in C associative? -3.99
why put the code in an header -2.28
Is using hardware performance counters a good idea +0.08
Opening netbeans via SSH -0.64
Networking with C++ -2.62
How can I list all cookies for the current page with Javascript? -3.35
Should functions be made "extern" in header files? +2.06
music website: how to make it work on android/blackberry/iphone/sym... 0.00
Sphere - sphere collision detection -> reaction -0.26
Most efficient portable overflow detection? +2.88
Javascript object property inaccessible from another property (func... +1.77
Why does malloc(0) return valid memory address ? What's the use? +3.83
C++ dynamic review tools +3.58
question about common bit sequences -1.97
kill -9 + disable messages (standard output) from kill command +3.91
Position elements without overlap +3.56
Address of instruction causing SIGSEGV in external program -1.72
Limit appearing to the right of the limit sign in LaTeX -4.01
how to count multiples of numbers in an input file? +2.46
Need Guidance to develop a linux OS +3.77
Algorithm (or regular expression) needed to find multiple instances... +4.07
Help with segmentation fault in function +4.14
Prevent cursor from moving back one character on insert mode exit -0.80
Analysis Tools to help you in C development +3.84
Calculate points to create a curve or spline to draw an ellipse +0.85
Allocating space for pointers to struct -1.59
C program to remove repeated char from a string -2.55
inheritance n static variables +0.87
What Neural Network framework provides the best balance of performa... +3.05
conversion of multiple ascii characters in a char array to single i... -0.30
Catching weird C pointer arithmetic bugs +0.38
pid_t doesnt highlight by default in VIM -3.29
Return Structure from Function (C) -2.53
C: The remove function removes all files? -2.17
PHP shell tar problem, return code 2 +4.79
gcc with parameters "-S -save-temps" puts intermediate fi... 0.00
Processor Affinity on Linux +2.06
How can I move a file to a dynamically determined name with bash? -4.20
Enforcing the ANSI C standard in Eclipse 0.00
Detecting self crossing in closed Bezier curves -4.06
what kind of datatype should i use for this 600851475143 in c++? +3.96
PHP Regular expression to find images beginning with _ -3.38
Understanding functions and pointers in C +1.45
Javax.swing timer repeats fine, but ActionListener doesn't do anyth... -0.25