An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Ruud Helderman

1526.97 (21,060th)
7,511 (21,102nd)
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Title Δ
Adding a character to a string in C# 0.00
Is it better for performance to have alignment padding at the end o... 0.00
C: Cast void (*)(void *) to void (*)(char *) +2.20
How do you check if a Scratch project is shared by its ID? 0.00
How to create a script for SQL Server database create / upgrade fro... +0.21
Add Random Number to List only if it's different than others +0.47
Question mark not showing up in string -1.14
Using calloc in Turbo C++ In-Line Assembly +0.46
A special Segmentation fault,I don't know why 0.00
Seperating numbers, punctuation and letters trought the whole case -0.52
Calculate standard deviation recursively -0.80
I have got a problem with reading binary file into array of structu... 0.00
How to escape any backslash inside a file using sed -0.23
bash: awk print with in print -1.16
Multiplication of two variables containing tuples in BASH script +2.04
Make swi prolog to return the predicate name 0.00
Why turn block turn 90 degree for 45 degree parameter in scratch? -0.04
read an ASCII text file +0.46
Why microsoft decides to disable type inference doesn't work on... -0.53
ExactOnline - Error 403: Forbidden - The division is blocked 0.00
The problem of assigning values to variables in SQL Server 0.00
Regex alternative to negative lookahead +1.80
Test detail summary font size too large in Visual Studio 2019 0.00
Is using generic interface justifies using another marker interfaces? 0.00
How to bypass the pointless checking array.filter 0.00
How would i make this a decryption instead of an encryption? 0.00
Fastest way to expand bits in a field to all (overlapping + adjacen... -0.01
Extract lines with string and variable number pattern +2.19
How to insert symbol when encountering duplicates in a string -0.05
VLOOKUP() with repeated values +0.23
How to inner join result of stored function? 0.00
Counting elements "less than x" in an array -1.80
I can't find the "stamp" block in Scratch 3 0.00
How to amend a pattern with characters at beginning of line 0.00
Is there a way to perform arithmetic right shift using only xorq, a... +1.97
How do I prevent more than one alert, confirm or prompt popping up... 0.00
Make linux binary portable (ELF Statifier) 0.00
Regex: how to use re.sub with variable number of elements? 0.00
Convert Script to linux 0.00
How to query for multiple sub strings with position in SQL? +0.04
Why does main initialize stack frame when there are no variables +1.08
Allocating students to colleges based on their marks -0.54
DASM directives/pseudops 0.00
Data manipulation in some random column in file on Unix +0.07
Looping and replacing the value of a variable in a loop statement i... -0.01
deleting data from website without refresh 0.00
How can I get one alert via if operator only ? (just started JavaSc... -1.71
Moving multiple files with same name and renaming them on the fly 0.00
Find matching records based on dynamic columns +0.71
Awk subtract many columns between two files -0.83