An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Guru Stron

1577.96 (3,198th)
2,456 (68,706th)
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Title Δ
Generic Entity mapping in EF 0.00
LINQ conditions from previous result 0.00
Non-recognized member in lambda expression of EF Core ThenInclude i... 0.00
Bind list of string from appsettings.json +0.40
Group items of the same index in nested list in C# +1.43
c# Linq sort List by member of nested List 0.00
Is there a more C# 9 / .NET 5 Idiomatic Way to Express If/Else when... -1.23
Generic type class for EF Core join results +0.39
How to make some parameters of `Func<>` optional? 0.00
EF Core - fetch entities by composite key 0.00
Ignoring specific fields when using "with" on a C# 9 reco... -0.43
Positional record attributes in ASP.NET Core 0.00
Check if queryable is null before assigning a list 0.00
C#: Initial assignment of a property to a variable which holds a Li... -0.18
How can I initialize int output in Dictionary TryGetValue +1.81
ASP.NET Pass Variable to JSON Deserialized HTTP Response Object 0.00
Converting String to Json Properly from the Dictionary 0.00
duplicate values inserted when saving the EF Core context -0.92
JsonConverter will not convert enum with dashes(hyphens) 0.00
How does the container networking handle the port mapping with .Net... 0.00
Is there a way to have Json.NET honor the System.Text.Json JsonProp... 0.00
Calculating number needed to reach a certain percentage +0.13
How can I use delegates/lambdas/Func<> to get rid of code reu... 0.00
Console.SetOut does not work with ConsoleLogger 0.00
Check for existence of an element in the collection c# +0.97
getting json error when invoking core action 0.00
How to select table dynamically from Entity Framework? 0.00
Left join not bringing all results when you also select a list of o... +2.27
Serilog ignoring LogLevel from Microsoft.Extension.Logging 0.00
c# base class method returns derived class 0.00
How immediatly return accumulator from foldLeft -0.12
Checking work of C# String.Intern method through ProcessHacker 0.00
How can we use default implementation of different interfaces? +1.82
Call function based on instance type not working as I expect 0.00
Issues Using Foreach Loop 0.00
The expression 'y.Cases' is invalid inside an 'Include&... 0.00
How do put items with the same class name in the new div after a ce... 0.00
Is the Main Function of a Class Called When an Object of That Class... -1.89
.NET MVC 5 separate into different projects: avoid circular reference 0.00
Use a saved expression inside another expression +1.87
Entity framework produces left join when condition on foreign key +1.63
Handling Parallel POST to API -0.59
Using Global Query Filters for all entities 0.00
How can I modify anonymous type items in a List? 0.00
C# typesafe cloning with generics +1.95
Rollback or commit Transactions inside a foreach loop 0.00
Create object of json when elements are variables -1.61
What are the ways to make property code-generated only -2.33
StartsWith with any string from list to SQL request with LINQ and E... +1.71
EF Core ignores ModelMetadataType 0.00