An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1424.45 (4,190,815th)
782 (187,080th)
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Title Δ
Prevent PHP require_once from ever running -1.05
What constitutes as fair use for code? -2.13
is_dir does not recognize folders -2.95
printf vs cout in C++ -1.52
Constructors for C++ objects -1.64
including .h files -2.79
How can I assign pointer member with long string? -3.06
What exactly does an #if 0 ..... #endif block do? -2.41
else or return? -2.04
Real pagination vs Next and Previous buttons -0.63
how to force apache to crash? -3.16
C++ Beginner - Best way to read 3 consecutive values from the comma... -0.78
Is it possible to insert Object in a database? +1.36
What is so great about STL? -2.98
abort, terminate or exit? +1.37
C++ Array of pointers: delete or delete []? -2.13
How do Google and Yahoo replace the URL in the browser status bar? -3.26
Communication between two server -2.11
PHP function to find out the number of parameters passed into funct... -1.96
passing a variable by value using php -2.91
Any array function or user defined function to pick up only first o... -3.07
how to make a search engine for website? -0.05
what is java exception? -0.25
a nicer way to create structs in a loop -3.64
Argc/Argv C Problems -2.48
How do you delete a pointer without deleting the data the pointer p... +0.11
Is it compulsory to learn about Data Structures if you want to be a... -1.70
PHP foreach loop through multidimensional array +2.84
C++: Everytime I read in by fstream I got 1 extra character at the... -3.05
"Better" way to write this? -3.56
Increment and Decrement operators -2.90
Customers angry, fighting unknown DLL dependencies -3.87
How to compile a .cpp file into a Windows executable (.exe) file in... -2.22
JavaScript two-dimensional Array to PHP -4.02
Why did this code still work? -0.81
What Does an OS Actually Do? -1.79
Is It Possible to Make Close Sourced PHP Product? -1.64
Reverse bit pattern in C -3.51
PHP -What's the difference between global variables and constants -3.19
How do I use the conditional operator? 0.00
Does it matter which equals operator (== vs ===) I use in JavaScrip... 0.00