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John Conde

1757.15 (29th)
185,905 (243rd)
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Title Δ
php session does not destroy on refresh +3.76
How to I inject only certain parts of PHP page using PHP -4.42
Codeigniter/PHP delete row after period of time 0.00
Autoloading constants in PHP? +3.68
Trim text to 340 chars +1.17
How can this kind of SQL injection work even though there is not se... +1.91
Simple PHP counter - how to print numbers with loop? -2.49
posting data to a web page,need an alternative +3.53
How to convert 2010-03-01 to Unixtime (using php) +3.69
auto increment for simpleXML 0.00
Payment Gateway Option in France -0.36
Adding a non breaking space to a php email does not insert spaces +2.75
How do you change the timezone in PHP for an existing timestamp? -2.09
The first day of the current month in php using date_modify as Date... +3.62
Loop through <div> elements using PHP +3.88
Generating confirmation code for an email confirmation +2.74
How to improve my Seo url generator -1.20
file import security issue +4.21
Simple XML reading question (PHP) +3.17
MySQL select query Error +5.60
get_file_contents refresh div -3.70
problem with '-' and '&' string in mysql +3.98
Scriptaculous / Prototype modal window 0.00
Checkout practices - PHP 0.00
Getting status on canceled/expired credit cards for recurring billi... 0.00
Using's CIM feature for one merchant with multiple me... 0.00
PHP Converting a date to a timestamp 0.00
Is there a function to extract a 'column' from an array in PHP? 0.00
Strtotime with European date format 0.00, Paypal or Google Checkout, which one should I go with? 0.00
adding 1 day to a DATETIME format value 0.00
Calculate years from date 0.00
How to display a date as iso 8601 format with PHP 0.00
Parsing Dates with PHP 0.00
Datetime To Unix timestamp 0.00
PHP date calculation 0.00
Variable amount recurring billing 0.00
Convert US date format to ANSI SQL date format (YYYY-mm-dd) 0.00
Dealing with timezones in PHP 0.00
How can I check if form input is numeric in PHP? 0.00
PHP Convert HTML Formatted Date 0.00
What kind of damage could one do with a payment gateway API login a... 0.00
How does Authorize.Net Silent Post work? 0.00