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John Conde

1757.15 (29th)
188,710 (243rd)
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Title Δ
php simple contact form not sending mail even after confirmation +3.74
Is there a way to use PHP on a subdomain? -0.27
Best way to delete mysql rows from html page - delete link and php -4.46
Dynamically update a drop down menu after a user types something th... 0.00
Can I require class-functions only if the class is instantiated in... +0.96
How to use the mysql "LIKE" syntax with a timestamp? -2.96
How can I download and extract a zipped CSV and get the contents of... +1.30
PHP: Detect required version -4.19
why and where we have to write header cache control? +2.47
PHP & mySQL: Simple code to implement Transaction - Commit &... 0.00
PHP Permalinks.. how to change? -2.34
PHP Read CSV and filter by date +3.63
Called childĀ“s constant not available in static function in parent -4.24
When to use a Class vs. Function in PHP +0.82
Objects in PHP including other objects -2.65
PHP: Define function with variable parameter count? +3.86
How to test if a directory already exist in PHP? -2.19
How to get the PHP Version? +0.33
php session does not destroy on refresh +3.76
How to I inject only certain parts of PHP page using PHP -4.42
Codeigniter/PHP delete row after period of time 0.00
Autoloading constants in PHP? +3.68
Trim text to 340 chars +1.17
How can this kind of SQL injection work even though there is not se... +1.91
Simple PHP counter - how to print numbers with loop? -2.49
posting data to a web page,need an alternative +3.53
How to convert 2010-03-01 to Unixtime (using php) +3.69
auto increment for simpleXML 0.00
Payment Gateway Option in France -0.36
Adding a non breaking space to a php email does not insert spaces +2.75
How do you change the timezone in PHP for an existing timestamp? -2.09
The first day of the current month in php using date_modify as Date... +3.62
Loop through <div> elements using PHP +3.88
Generating confirmation code for an email confirmation +2.74
How to improve my Seo url generator -1.20
file import security issue +4.21
Simple XML reading question (PHP) +3.17
MySQL select query Error +5.60
get_file_contents refresh div -3.70
problem with '-' and '&' string in mysql +3.98
Scriptaculous / Prototype modal window 0.00
Checkout practices - PHP 0.00
Getting status on canceled/expired credit cards for recurring billi... 0.00
Using's CIM feature for one merchant with multiple me... 0.00
PHP Converting a date to a timestamp 0.00
Is there a function to extract a 'column' from an array in PHP? 0.00
Strtotime with European date format 0.00, Paypal or Google Checkout, which one should I go with? 0.00
adding 1 day to a DATETIME format value 0.00
Calculate years from date 0.00