An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1462.20 (4,527,263rd)
658 (218,811th)
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Title Δ
Cast and type env variables using file -2.61
change index name in python -3.85
Lost how this string permutation code works? +0.89
Why does this O(n^2) code execute faster than O(n)? -1.01
How can I put two or more arrays into a single array? +4.64
Translate sys.stdin to a variable problem -3.47
Searching for number after a specific word that does not immediatel... -2.67
Deleting files (weird extension) -1.72
Find index exists in elasticsearch 5.6 0.00
Out of bounds error Index 99 Size 1 0.00
2L vs 2 in java expression -1.54
SED deleting words with extension -4.19
Find index of an object in ArrayList depending on the value of an a... -3.80
Regex that search for sentences that exclude one word 0.00
Highlight the searched words with limited words of String 0.00
Split alternating string number appearence -3.45
Regular expression to find "can t", "haven t" a... -2.10
Jsoup how to get values from html -4.14
Having Issues With Fraction To Decimal Converter -4.13
python loop function to loop another function over a list -1.65
Why does the java substring method work like this? +3.96
terminal command to act on filenames that don't contain text +0.04
String Index OutOfBoundsException? -4.06
yaml2json is parsing just a single line-- exits without error --win... 0.00
Strange error that a symbol is not recognized, Java (beginner) -1.55
Split large files by size limit without cutting lines 0.00
how to add content of variable after word in XML file -1.52
In Java, how can i use array "1" which was generated insi... +0.13
How to define a multi-dimensional array in a unix shell script 0.00
XSD Schema validation error with keyref 0.00
multi-dimensional arrays in BASH 0.00
XML Schema can I use unique when using ref? 0.00
JMX: MaxFileDescriptorCount and OpenFileDescriptorCount 0.00
Copy folder structure (sans files) from one location to another 0.00