An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1440.91 (4,258,174th)
1,177 (133,410th)
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Title Δ
ChartJS Scatter plot with JSON list variable not working -0.42
Custom submenu nav Walker 0.00
Fontawesome horizontal icons alignment inside table cell 0.00
Shortcode Render Stripped of required HTML 0.00
Using various inputs of a form in mailto-body 0.00
jQuery do not redirect after triggering Flask route 0.00
Pure css close modal when clicking outside content -0.42
Does CSS ever care about DOM "closeness" relationships? -1.04
How does PHP handle NULL SQLite fields in an associative result? 0.00
How to extract data from an array of object javascript -2.51
if statement inside of output -0.40
Dynamically Saving Images to a PDF template +4.52
CSS/HTML: Header Not Touching Top of the Screen +0.58
unbind multiple classes except one -2.97
How to prevent input from cutting tails of the letters without chan... +0.67
PHP SQL: Dynamically Creating and Deleting Columns in Database -2.91
ACF acf_add_local_field_group breaks WordPress image editor 0.00
Issues with undefined function that is in fact defined 0.00
PHP Array and how to display it with this order of array -3.35
is it possible to name the position of a json array? -1.15
HTML Select, options returned via Ajax, item that should be selecte... -3.47
:checked selector not changing desired css -3.62
Why does a row set to full-width has a width of 89% in Divi theme? +4.58
WordPress authenticate admin in plugin 0.00
Create custom HTML button heart shape 0.00
fputcsv() is not adding new row 0.00
Why does bottom table cell that has centered-text get cut off when... 0.00
500 Internal Server Error Wordpress htaccess 0.00
Completely rearrange Table element with media query 0.00
Connecting to Lastfm Api, can get all information except from the a... 0.00
How to fix background image in css file wordpress +0.56
CSS animation transition 0.00
Spaces in between text in a html button using JQuery +3.17
do_shortcode isn't parsing shortcode inside 0.00
Responsive absolute image scaling 0.00
Adding geolocation to database using ajax -3.47
Sending nested data from Blade to Vue -3.45
Remember me in jQuery 0.00
The image inside the columns doesnt fit in the 320px screen +0.55
Sending JSON to PHP file and Recieving Response in JS 0.00
How to add a counter to this loop? +0.08
fetch the field data without post 0.00
Initialize the array into while recent post woocommerce? 0.00
Wordpress - different logo on pages +0.46
Display contents of $row in a modal dynamically +0.31
Wordpress + WooCommerce Get Product Tag 0.00
WP shortcode output always at top of page +0.24
WP shortcode output always at top of page +0.24
Include PHP code in Shopify section -3.60
SPA : HTML changes on run time +0.50