An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Tomasz MaczyƄski

1496.31 (3,952,825th)
753 (193,785th)
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Title Δ
Referencing F# code in android project 0.00
Can't launch Upsource on my dedicated server 0.00
NullReferenceException external code Xamarin-Android 0.00
Working with classes in F# (mutability vs immutability / members vs... +1.68
Python: Pass arguments to function which are stored in a file file 0.00
Unexpected result of Reflection.AssemblyName().Version 0.00
Will allocate a new List every time? -3.57
C# and Excel: Writing on multiple sheets, it always writes on the f... -0.98
Cannot cast IStorageItem to StorageFile 0.00
Does ImmutableList have AsReadOnly like method? -2.79
Remove Duplicate Titles from list in MVC 0.00
Double is not stored correctly in MySQL database +3.99
Writing sum of squares functionally in F# -0.62
Performance of Travelling Salesman in F# 0.00
Finding paths in (DAG) directed acyclic graph given destination +0.26
partial deconstruction in pattern-matching (F#) 0.00
What are the essential functions to find duplicate elements within... -3.12
F# Deedle GetSlice() error "expects to have type DateTime opti... -3.22
Is there a way to specify named arguments for a function in an F# c... +4.68
F# Compiler Services incorrectly parses program 0.00